How to take a bath for health benefits

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Taking a bath gives you the opportunity not only to enjoy, relax, but also has a beneficial effect on the skin and the body as a whole. Preparing a healthy bath at home is not at all difficult, it is enough to have a few necessary components at hand.

General recommendations

You need to enter the water gradually, first kneel down, after a couple of minutes slowly sit down. Then lower your back into the water and gradually immerse your entire body. Even in a relaxed state, while lying in the bath, change position, move slightly, massage yourself. Start the massage from the tips of your toes and move up gradually (direct all movements towards the heart area).

Massage can be done with a massage brush, or just with your hands. Massage in the bath is especially important for those who are on a diet, wish get rid of excess weight. Rub with pumice stone places with rough skin – heels and elbows. After the massage, you need to relax and have a good rest. To protect the skin from loss of fatty lubrication and moisture, use salts, coniferous extracts, herbs.

The healing effect of baths directly depends on the temperature of the water. The higher the difference between the temperature of the skin and the water, the stronger the effect of the baths. Cool (temperature 20-33 degrees C) and cold (up to 20 degrees C) baths have a general tonic effect, hot baths (40-42 degrees C) increase perspiration.

Local contrast baths are often prescribed with a tendency to various colds in order to harden the body.Hot water (40-42 degrees C) is poured into one container for such a bath, and cold water (10-12 degrees C) into the other. For 10 minutes, the legs are alternately immersed for a couple of minutes in hot water, then for 15-20 seconds in cold water. The last step should be immersion in cold water.

In order for taking a bath to have a healing effect, some aromatic and medicinal substances are added to the water: sage, starch, coniferous extract, soda, potassium permanganate, etc.

Coniferous baths have a calming effect on our body. 100 ml of coniferous extract is introduced into a 200-liter bath. The duration of such a bath is 10-15 minutes, the water temperature is 35-37 degrees C.

mustard baths especially effective for bronchial asthma (local hand bath), colds, hypertension (foot bath). They should not be taken with skin diseases and with individual intolerance to the smell of mustard.

To prepare such a bath, dilute mustard powder (100-250 g) in a small amount of water, strain through cheesecloth and then pour into a bath (about 200 liters in volume), mixing the water thoroughly.

Duration of admission for a general bath – at a water temperature of 36-38 degrees C 5-7 minutes, local (for arms and legs) – at a water temperature of 39-40 degrees C up to 15 minutes. Before taking a general bath, especially sensitive areas of the body should be lubricated with petroleum jelly. After the procedure, the body must be washed with warm water, then wrapped in a blanket for half an hour or an hour.

Baths with potassium permanganate dry and disinfect the skin. Add it to water until you get a pale pink solution. The bath should be taken 5-10 minutes daily or every other day. Finish off with warm water.

Soda and starch baths

They are used for skin diseases to reduce itching and irritation.

Starch bath is prepared as follows: 3 tbsp. l. starch is brewed with boiling water, then dissolved in a bucket of water. For a soda bath, dissolve 1 tbsp. l. soda in a bucket of water. After such baths, the body should be wiped dry with a towel.

milk bath

Perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin.

This bath is especially useful during the cold season, when our skin needs intensive care. To prepare a milk bath, dilute 1-2 liters of milk in warm water, add 3 teaspoons of honey and a couple of handfuls of sea salt.

Ginger bath

Such a bath is useful for relaxing muscles.

Ginger root warms up the body from the inside, starting the process of blood supply, relieves stress and helps with various colds. To prepare a ginger bath, grate a piece of ginger root, pour hot water and soak the infusion for 15 minutes, add to the bath. Soak for no more than 20 minutes in the bath, then dress warmly.

Sea salt bath

Sea salt, enriched with minerals, draws excess fluid from the tissues and speeds up the metabolism, while promoting weight loss, cleansing the body of toxins.

Such baths are prepared simply – 500 g of sea salt are added to warm water. The duration of the bath is up to a quarter of an hour. Do not rinse with fresh water after the procedure, but simply wrap yourself in a bathrobe, so the healing effect of sea salt on the skin will last a couple of hours after bathing.

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