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Singing loudly at the karaoke club? Drinking ice-cold drinks or eating ice cream? Here is the voice and hoarseness. Moreover, if you do not take timely measures, you can completely shut up for a few days. Read about how to regain your normal voice today at Goodshapetips.

Reasons for voice change

The reasons why the voice changes are divided into non-infectious and infectious. The first just include loud screaming, singing, talking for a long time – in a word, everything that causes an overstrain of the vocal cords. Very often this condition occurs in professional singers, announcers and teachers.

Alcoholic drinks and smoking also roughen the vocal cords.

The next reason is diseases (including oncological ones) of internal organs located in the neck: thyroid and thymus glands, larynx.

Psycho-emotional overstrain and stress can also cause hoarseness and hoarseness of the voice. By the way, an almost inaudible, disappearing voice, turning into a whisper, is called hoarse.

Infectious causes of sore throat

Infectious causes are considered to lead to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. It could be a viral or bacterial infection. In such cases, body temperature usually rises, general well-being worsens, a cough joins a hoarse voice. And then the diagnosis, as a rule, does not cause doubts in the doctor – this is laryngitis.

Treatment for hoarseness

Active actions can be started after the cause of laryngitis is determined. But first of all, you need to know that in any case, complete rest is necessary for the vocal cords, and there is no point in switching to a whisper: few people know that when whispering, the cords tense up much more than during a normal conversation.

Which doctor should I contact with a hoarse voice

The main drug treatment will be prescribed by the doctor after the cause of the disease is determined. If an infectious process is present, then antibiotics, as well as antiviral and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, will be required. Consultation of narrow specialists may be required if concomitant internal diseases became the cause of the “shrunken” voice, and if a person is in a state of prolonged stress, then a visit to a neurologist is necessary first of all.

Ways to treat a hoarse voice

A good additional effect is provided by rinsing and irrigating the larynx with antiseptic solutions, a wide selection of which is presented in any pharmacy. It can be “Ingalipt”, “Gexoral”, “Kameton”, “Stopangin”, “Kollustan” and others. In order to achieve the maximum effect when using such aerosol sprays, you need to know a few simple rules:

  • Before spraying, rinse the throat thoroughly with warm water, because the accumulated mucus can prevent the uniform distribution of the medicinal substance.
  • The aerosol should be sprayed throughout the laryngeal cavity so that separate accumulations of a concentrated medicinal substance do not form.
  • It is important to make two or three test “puffs” so that the solution completely fills the structure and the jet turns out to be full.
  • When spraying an aerosol, you need to hold your breath.
  • After that, it is advisable not to swallow saliva for 3 minutes, and you can eat and eat at least 30 minutes later.
  • After use, the cap of the sprayer must be rinsed in hot water.

Laryngitis in a child

In babies, laryngitis is most often the result of the flu, SARS, as well as viral inflammation of the throat, trachea and bronchi.

If the voice is hoarse in a small child, a trip to the doctor is necessary immediately. Only a specialist can prescribe the appropriate treatment and prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form. The risk of chronization of the process lies in the fact that the vocal cords, which are not developed due to age, may suffer so much that the voice will disappear forever.

Folk remedies for the treatment of a hoarse voice

As an addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, you can use home remedies that can speed up the healing process:

  • Hot tea with lemon and honey or warm milk with butter soften and soothe tense vocal cords.
  • Warm juice of viburnum and grapes (but only without sugar) serves the same purpose.
  • An infusion of calendula and chamomile is great for gargling: a tablespoon of dry grass is poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted and filtered.
  • Use the “grandmother’s recipe” – breathe over boiled, hot and slightly mashed potatoes. To do this, you need to bow your head over the saucepan, cover yourself with a towel and breathe through your mouth for several minutes.
  • A raw egg, drunk on an empty stomach, will return the “sound” to a slightly hoarse voice.
  • Suck on a spoonful of honey, this will also soften and soothe the vocal cords.

Treatment of a hoarse voice: the latest methods

In recent years, medical practice has been enriched with the latest treatment technologies, and laryngitis is also not bypassed by scientists. Today, medical centers and clinics use such therapeutic methods as ozone-ultraviolet sanitation, lymphotropic and capillary therapy (normalizes blood and lymph flow), lipid therapy, apitherapy (based on recycled beekeeping products) and much more.

But only an experienced specialist can choose the optimal treatment regimen for each individual patient, which will return the former sonorous and clear voice.

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