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If you have a severe sore throat, it is very unpleasant to swallow and speak, your joints ache, and the thermometer stubbornly shows 38-39 degrees – most likely, you have caught a sore throat. In the off-season, this is not difficult to do, but how to cure a sore throat correctly and quickly? We all want to take a couple of pills or powders – and get up healthy in the morning. Unfortunately, this number will not work with angina!

What is this disease?

The correct medical name for angina is acute tonsillitis, it is an inflammatory process in the region of the tonsils and pharynx, often of a purulent nature.tonsils act as a local immune barrier to infection, and in the event of a massive attack of microbes, they defend themselves, at the cost of inflammation and suppuration, without letting dangerous microbes into the body.

Usuallyangina occurs when a combination of special circumstances – the presence of a pathogenic microbe in combination with a weakened immune system.

Sources of microbes can be patients with scarlet fever, but most often a sore throat occurs as a result of the activation of its own microflora in the mouth. If you get very cold or get your feet wet, drink cold liquids or sit under the air conditioner, the chance of meeting with a sore throat increases several times. Microbes will begin to actively multiply in carious cavities, in the sinuses of the nose or in the throat.

Angina is unpleasant in itself – sore throats interfere with eating, and fever and body aches – it is normal to work. If angina is also incorrectly treated or carried on the legs, it can give complications to vital organs – heart valves, kidneys or joints.

If it is not cured, it can become your chronic companion for all further colds. Therefore, angina must be properly and timely cured to the end.

Treatment of angina

First of all, there is no need for heroism and emergency treatment of angina – this is a disease that is highly discouraged from being carried on your feet. Yes, and the state of health with angina is unimportant, it still won’t let you work effectively, and the chance to infect everyone around is quite large. Therefore, take sick leave or at least 3-5 days off and devote them to active and proper treatment.

First of all, while the temperature persists and there is malaise and weakness, you need to lie in bed, and in isolation from everyone else around you. Remember, tonsillitis is a fairly contagious disease, especially for children and debilitated elderly people.

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Set aside a separate face towel and utensils, keep your toothbrush separate from others and change to a new one after recovery. Change your underwear often – bedding and pajamas, as with a fever you will sweat, the body must be clean.

By the way, fever with angina is good, it means that immunity body fights infection. If the temperature does not reach 39 degrees and you tolerate it quite tolerably, it is not recommended to take antipyretic drugs. At high temperatures, microbes begin to die and sore throat heals faster. Then you can do without antibiotics in the treatment of angina, only local therapy.

If, with severe sore throat with sore throat and ulcers on the tonsils, you have a low temperature (and this also happens), it means that the infection is practically not restrained by anything and there is a risk of it spreading to other organs. In such a situation, most likely, antibiotics will be needed – but they should be prescribed to you by a doctor who needs to be called to your house.

In addition, antibiotics may be needed in the treatment of angina, if you have a heart conditionif there is diabetes, chronic endocrine disorders, pyelonephritis or urolithiasis.

You should not buy and take antibiotics on your own, even if you have previously suffered from sore throats and any particular antimicrobial drug helped you. With angina, antibiotics have the specificity of becoming resistant to drugs, and their change or more careful selection is necessary.

In addition, many antibiotics have side effects that can adversely affect your health – cause indigestion or complication in the ears.

Throat medicines

The main thing in the treatment of angina is the fight against purulent raids on the tonsils. The most effective method of removing them was and remains regular gargling with various solutions. For rinsing are traditionally used:

  • drinking soda solution
  • salt solution with a drop of iodine or iodized salt,
  • furacillin solution (a solution is prepared from pharmacy tablets by diluting them with boiled water),
  • herbal decoctions,
  • miramistin solution,
  • a solution of alcohol tincture of calendula or sage.

Another fairly effective remedy for sore throats are various pharmacy aerosols or throat sprays. These include Yoks, Bioparox, Hexoral, Cameton or Tantum Verde.

But when using them, you can not eat or drink after using the spray for at least one hour. You can replace them with lozenges or lozenges for sore throats, they slowly dissolve in the mouth. After taking them, liquid or food should also not be consumed for 1-2 hours, so as not to wash off the drug film formed on the mucous membranes.

Nutrition and drinking regimen for angina

Angina is accompanied by severe sore throat and difficulty in swallowing, so temporarily switch to a milk-vegetable diet – include sparse cereals, vegetable purees or stews, all warm and in small pieces, with sauces, semi-liquid.

Angina requires a sufficiently plentiful drink, firstly, because with a fever a person loses more fluid, and secondly, with active fluid intake, urination increases and more actively and faster excreted toxins and metabolic products that poison the body with angina.

You can drink warm liquids that do not irritate the throat, preferably alkaline in nature – warm milk with butter and honeytea with honey and / or milk, milk with Borjomi, green or black tea with lemon, ginger tea, cranberry fruit drinks or herbal decoctions.

Excellent helps with sore throat lime blossom, decoction of chamomile, St. John’s wort. Stronger and more concentrated decoctions of the same herbs are used for gargling.

Alternative methods of treatment of angina

If you normally tolerate thermal procedures and the temperature is low, you can soak your feet in a basin of hot water. You can add mustard or sea salt there. You can also put mustard plasters only if there is no high temperature.

You can wrap a sore throat with a woolen scarf and try to talk less and rest more.

And even earlier, with angina, they recommended steam in the bath with a lime or eucalyptus broom, breathe in warm air saturated with phytoncides and sweat well. Only it should be a real Russian bathhouse, with stones and steam, and not a dry sauna.

Of course, sore throats are unpleasant, but they can and should be dealt with by all available means. And even better – take care of your health and not freeze.

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