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The topic can be ignored for some time if you have chosen the simplest option (a dildo without a motor) or vice versa – the most high-tech – in a one-piece case and a charging case or in an ionizer case: they will not shock you in the water, nor will they suffer. They can be safely washed under the tap or in a basin.

Everything is not so simple if you got an average vibrator or pulsator. It can be washed. But only to the place where the recharging contacts come out or where the battery compartment is joined to the main body. Of course, you can ignore these details: they always remain outside … What, it’s impossible not to pay attention?

Then learn materiel!

How to wash toys

Water and soap are generally a good option. In the end, if you wash your toys with the same water that you wash yourself with, then no additional threats are created for you. Created for a toy.

Soap reduces the life of the device. Even if you rub a brutal dildo with intimate soap for “tender zones”, it suffers more than your tender zone. That is, from one time, maybe not stronger, but his suffering, unlike yours, accumulates. Your “natural environment” while you are alive is renewed, as is the lipid layer of the skin. But the toy itself cannot grow anything back. And, if in a year you buy yourself “the same, only new” and compare the color, you will find that the old toy (unless it was originally black) gives off yellowness. It is the pores of the silicone that have expanded, and the bacteria have settled in them.

Particularly anxious girls after washing pour vibrators with chlorhexidine or miramistin. These substances are well disinfected. It is only necessary not to wipe – but to water and leave to dry. This option does not suit many virtuous wives and mothers (where to dry something ?!) In addition, watering electrical contacts and docking seams with chlorhexidine is no better than watering them with water.

Therefore, sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that you need a special tool for cleaning toys. Yes, even if the toy is simple to the point of primitiveness, and even if it is prohibitively technological.

Special cleaner for toys

This is the best option available right now. Most of them both clean and disinfect. And it is applied with a sprayer – so that electrical parts do not suffer. Sprayed, wiped with a napkin – done!

An additional bonus: all manipulations can be done in the bedroom, and not rush to the bathroom past the nursery, hiding the toy in your sleeve. Agree, it’s convenient.

The main thing here is not to confuse the cleaner and sanitizer (antiseptic): the first you use INSTEAD OF soap and water, the second – AFTER the standard wash (for disinfecting cleaned surfaces, parts that cannot be washed and complex reliefs).

How to choose a purifier

1. Antiseptic for sex toys

It literally went on sale this winter. This is not a replacement for cleaning, but an addition to it. After the standard cleaning procedure, apply a thin layer of sanitizer – it will evaporate from the surface in seconds, having time to penetrate into the structure of the material, but destroying bacteria. Further, no manipulations with the toy will be required. Perhaps, only with its help it is possible to adequately clean toys with spikes or grooves.

2. Pjur Woman Toy Clean Cleaning Spray

The giants of intimate cosmetics Pjur produce a colorless, odorless product that does not contain alcohol and is therefore suitable for all types of materials, including latex, silicone, rubber, pvc, leather. Fights dirt, bacteria, odors.

3. Swiss Navy Cleansing Spray for Toys and Body

This thing works great with any multi-component designs. If you have vaginal balls with inserts or relief, then you need to clean them with just such a spray. But, what is most pleasant, it will help you out in field conditions: it is also safe and even useful for you. Well, you never know, you love sex in the woods or on the beach. The soul is not there, but this is not a reason to feel like a dirty woman or enter into a relationship with a dirty man!

Author: Yulia Verklova


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