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Time passes, and our children grow up, turning into stately young men and lovely girls. These are already almost adults, they have many secrets and interests of their own, they are entering a new milestone in their lives – sexual life. In order for their intimate life to be not only pleasant, but also healthy, intimate hygiene should be carefully observed.

Hygiene of a young man

Usually young men wash the penis and scrotum under running water and dry the perineum with a towel. And this is the biggest mistake many guys make: they simply do not know how to properly wash their genitals or think that just washing in the shower is enough.

As a result of such illiteracy in matters of hygiene, many young men of 13-20 years old become clients of urologists and are the cause of inflammatory processes in their partners. Why? The penis has several problem areas.

Naturally, the intimate area must be thoroughly washed with soap or gel during a hygienic bath or shower. But at the same time, it is necessary to expose the head of the penis and thoroughly wash off the remains of urine and smegma (accumulation of secretions) in the folds.

The hair at the base of the penis and on the scrotum are a source of germs, they can be shaved or cut short, but the main thing is to pay special attention to this area when washing. The groin sweats a lot, creating a nutrient medium for the reproduction of the skin flora, so it is necessary to wash the groin area at least twice a day – in the morning and at night, and in the summer, in the heat – and more often.

If these rules are not followed, an unpleasant disease can occur – balanoposthitis. This is a painful inflammation of the foreskin with the release of an unpleasant purulent secret. Also, if hygiene is violated, urethritis can develop – inflammation of the urinary canal inside the penis. Feelings with him are not pleasant, it will seem that you are urinating with “broken glass”.

And if you neglect the washing of the inguinal zone and scrotum, chafing, irritation, and even candidiasis!

Girl hygiene

The intimate hygiene of a girl is the key to women’s health. Intimate hygiene should be performed with warm water every morning and evening. Soap and intimate hygiene products should not be abused, they violate the microbial flora of the vagina.

When washing, the stream of water should be directed from the pubis to the anus – this will prevent infection of the genital organs. After the procedure, the skin should be blotted with a towel. In the area between the large and small labia, the secret of the glands may accumulate, especially if there is vaginal discharge (white). Then it is necessary to wash the labia with a delicate intimate soap, without going deep into the vaginal area.

Change underwear need regularly, once or even twice a day. Regarding the wearing of daily sanitary pads, the opinion of doctors is ambiguous. Of course, they allow you to completely neutralize the ingress of secretions on panties, but due to their structure they do not allow the skin to “breathe” and can cause dermatitis and increased secretions.

With the appearance of pathological discharge and burning, itching in the labia, you need to see a doctor. In addition, you can irrigate the genitals with a solution of slightly pink potassium permanganate, chamomile decoction or strong tea.

Intimate hygiene during menstruation

Especially carefully it is necessary to take care of the genital organs when menses. Blood is a breeding ground for germs, and prolonged contact with a pad can cause itching and irritation. Therefore, it is important to change pads regularly, even if there is little discharge, and tampons generally need to be changed every 2-3 hours.

If menstruation is painful, heavy or prolonged, a doctor’s consultation and treatment is necessary.

Proper underwear for boys and girls

Young people today want to be fashionable and modern, and in the pursuit of fashion sometimes forget about comfort and hygiene. Guys and girls get beautiful and funny underwear, but is it always hygienic?

The most “male” underpants were and will remain family underpants, they are the most correct in terms of male anatomy. Of course, a young man should not be forced to wear cotton underpants with polka dot elastic, like his grandfather, but you can pick up a model of loose cotton underpants.

More and more guys are wearing swimming trunks that compress the scrotum and penis area, disrupting blood circulation and not allowing free access of air to the testicles. This overheats them and impairs sperm quality. Slightly better boxer shorts, but they also do not allow free access of air, even if they are of high quality. And men’s thongs are good only in men’s striptease!

By the way, lingerie also affects health. Panties that do not cover the buttocks and have a narrow gusset are considered the most harmful. Such underwear, due to constant friction when walking, brings the microbial flora from the anus into the vagina. Hence the constant thrush and vaginitis.

In the “correct” lingerie, the fabric does not touch the anal area, and in the area of ​​the labia has a wide base.

With proper observance of all hygiene rules, young people will be able to maintain their health for a long time, so that in a few years, having found a mate, they will give birth to a strong and healthy baby!

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