Hypotension: a disease of the young and slender

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Problems with blood pressure are not only obese. Young thin girls and women suffer from it no less than the elderly and overweight. Only not from excess, but from insufficient pressure. Believe me, this problem is not easy at all. If you have a state of complete rest for a long time when measuring the maximum blood pressure is below 100 mmHg, and the minimum is below 60 mm, you should seriously take care and think about hypotension or hypotension. However, low pressure figures can also occur in practically healthy people if they do not make any complaints. However, most often without complaints is not complete.

Women with hypotension often complain of lethargy, loss of strength, diffuse dull headaches, sometimes dizziness with darkening of the eyes, and a tendency to faint. If you think about it, the symptoms are very common in young women. In the Middle Ages, such a state was generally considered normal for a “noble” female body.

In addition, these symptoms are very reminiscent of another problem of young “reeds” – anemia. Needless to say, these diseases often go hand in hand, but they should not be confused. That is why you cannot rely on sensations alone. It is necessary to consult a doctor and conduct a blood test for hemoglobin and measurement of blood pressure. Then it will immediately become clear which of the problems requires corrective treatment. Or maybe both at once. However, hypodynamia also has symptoms that cannot be confused with anemia. Often, patients experience increased drowsiness during the day and poor sleep at night.

If hypotension has a cardinal (cardiac) form, the above symptoms are supplemented by complaints of colic in the heart, a feeling of heart failure, shortness of breath even with little physical exertion. In addition to low blood pressure, against the background of neurotic reactions, some patients have muscle weakness, trembling of the eyelids and fingers of outstretched hands, and a slight decrease in body temperature.

If hypotension is discovered by accident and does not cause you any suffering, then you should not immediately treat it with a set of expensive and lethal medications. However, it is dangerous to treat hypotension without proper attention. After all, it can be a sign of such serious diseases as, for example, rheumatic mitral stenosis of the heart, heart attack, adrenal tuberculosis, myxedema, as well as bleeding of various origins. That is why, having discovered a persistent decrease in blood pressure indicators, it is necessary to comprehensively examine your health in order to exclude the above problems.

Hypotension is usually caused by general neurosis, especially in asthenic conditions, when there is a misalignment and a drop in vascular tone. The well-known companions of modern life contribute to the development of the disease: stressful situations, insomnia, malnutrition. Plays a role and hereditary predisposition to hypotension, and occupational hazards, and infectious diseases.

Hypotension is a problem for the young and slender. After all, according to statistics, this disease mainly occurs at a young age and more often in women than in men. Moreover, with age, hypotension with symptoms of atherosclerosis can, practically bypassing the normal state, transform into hypertensive with an increase in blood pressure.

In the restoration of health, the elimination of the causative factors of the disease, and not just medication correction, plays a very important role. A more rational organization of life, work, rest, nutrition, removal of negative emotions is needed, smoking cessation is obligatory.

No matter how lethargic you are, you will have to actively engage in sports and exercise. At the same time, nutrition needs to be adjusted. If, in pursuit of a slender waist, you deliberately cut your diet, you need to abandon the diet and provide good nutrition with sufficient intake of proteins, vitamins C and B1, which are natural stimulants and increase the overall tone of a person.

If you didn’t even think about a diet, then your diet is made up of inferior products. Vitamin B1 is rich in grains of cereals, nuts, beans, peas, meat, potatoes, vegetables, rye bread. Drink stimulating drinks – tea, preferably green; coffee, cocoa, grapefruit juice, carrot juice, dry white grape wine. Good tonic properties have apples, especially sour varieties, celery, lettuce, cabbage, rosehip and chamomile infusions.
Honey and royal jelly have biostimulating properties: in the morning and in the evening, take (you can use tea instead of sugar) 30-50 g of honey with the addition of 1 teaspoon of royal jelly.

With more advanced stages of the disease, the attending physician will most likely prescribe you special tinctures from well-known tonic drugs: tinctures of lure 30 drops 2-3 times a day, lemongrass 20-30 drops 3 times a day, aralia 30-40 drops 2- 3 times a day, pantocrine 30 drops 3 times a day before meals.

Well regulates blood pressure infusion of blood-red hawthorn fruit. A tablespoon of dry fruits is brewed with a glass of boiling water, insisted in a warm place for 2 hours, filtered and taken 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day before meals. As well as water infusion of ginseng root 20 drops 2-3 times a day before meals.

Nadezhda SUBCHEVA, pharmacist.

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