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You have probably already experienced first hand that a runny nose is a kind of harbinger of a cold. And when it starts to run out of the nose with such frequency that one simply cannot do without a handkerchief, the head is buzzing, and the eyes are watery, then each of us depressingly understands that the inevitability of a cold is inevitable. The prospect of taking sick leave and lying in bed for several days is not impressive; even the assurances of acquaintances are not encouraging, who, not recognizing your sonorous voice on the telephone, begin to tell you that you will definitely be rich.

Nonetheless, if it so happened that you failed to protect yourself and a runny nose still “visited” you, you can at least try to minimize its unpleasant consequences. Of course, you should not wait for instant deliverance, perhaps even the healer grandmothers are not able to do this. But if you do not want to “earn” yourself terrible sinusitis and sinusitis, then still do not let the course of the disease take its course – use all available means for treatment: both modern and “grandmother’s”.

Primarily, if the onset of a runny nose occurred on weekends or holidays, then try to postpone previously planned trips out of town or trips to any cultural events. It will be more useful for you at this time to stay at home warm. Make a hot mustard bath for your feet (you can make anti-cold extracts for baths), put mustard socks on your feet (or put mustard plasters), drink hot raspberry tea and lie down in a warm bed. A good rest won’t hurt you. At the same time, forget about reading books or magazines for a while and put the TV remote control aside – your watery eyes also need a rest.

As for the direct treatment of your sore nose, it will be great if you suddenly find yourself on the windowsill among pots with exotic plants. aloe (agave) or kalanchoe. Take a leaf of agave or kalanchoe (or in equal proportions of both) and squeeze the juice a few drops into each nostril.

Good help balms and ointments with essential oils, which should be rubbed into the bridge of the nose to facilitate breathing. Well, if you believe in folk remedies, then boil the potatoes and, bending over the saucepan (previously covering yourself with a towel), breathe in the hot steam. Essential oils can be used instead of potatoes.

Of course, treatment of the common cold today is impossible without the use of various medications. It must be said that the basis of most of them are vasoconstrictor and edema-relieving components. Sometimes these are oils designed to soften the mucous membrane, sometimes – various anti-allergic substances and even antibiotics.

And most often these funds, as a rule, we prescribe ourselves, without the advice of a doctor. Sometimes forgetting that cold drops are as serious as other medicines.

Firstly, they contain vasoconstrictor components, which means that they should be used with great care by people suffering from chronic hypertension, thyrotoxicosis, and so on. Secondly, some drops dry out the mucous membrane (therefore, it is better to choose preparations prepared in oil). Thirdly, prolonged use of drops from a cold can lead to the opposite effect, when the nose that has just begun to breathe well suddenly becomes stuffy again and for some reason breathes worse and worse.

That’s why in the treatment of a cold, it is best to use medication as little as possible and as much as possible – folk remedies. Firstly, they are safe, and secondly, they are always at hand. More our grandmothers advised with a runny nose to get involved in tea drinking as much as possible, and instead of tea leaves, use lemon, honey and chicken broth. Yes, yes, you heard right. The fact is that the substances contained in chicken broth can immediately facilitate breathing and thin the mucus in the nose.

By the way, as for the drops, you can “make” them yourself. For example, drops of a weak salt solution are considered quite effective. Again, if you follow the old grandmother’s recipes, then a runny nose can be treated with fresh beetroot juice or an oily solution of onion juice with garlic, instilling 2-3 drops in both nostrils several times a day.

If there is a “blue” lamp, do not be afraid to use it, warming up your nose at a distance of 15-20 cm. There is none – sew a small bag and put salt or sand pre-heated in a hot pan into it. And apply it to the nose.

To all these already seemingly effective measures, it is desirable to add daily consumption of garlic, onion, pepper, mustard, horseradish or pepper. And you can also take two or three cloves of garlic, half a small onion and chop. Having laid out in a saucer, bring the mass as close as possible to the face, take ten deep breaths either through the nose or through the mouth. Repeat the procedure three to four times a day. It is useful to drink orange juice and take ascorbic acid (and even better a complex of vitamins).

However, in the event that the runny nose takes on a protracted character, and the contents of the handkerchief acquire a yellow-green color, it is perhaps better to postpone the self-treatment process for a while and seek the advice of a doctor. To avoid the same sinusitis. So stay healthy and don’t get sick!


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