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All our heroines have kept the achieved results for more than three years. How did they do it? And most importantly, did they become happier because they became slimmer – that is the question!

And another question: what is considered overweight? What is a start for some is a welcome finish for others. Compare. All our heroines are about the same height (167-168 cm), but their ideas about the ideal weight vary greatly.


It was – 90 kg, it became – 61 kg, now – 65 kg

I have never been slim – neither in my youth nor in adulthood. By the age of 35, my weight had reached 90 kg. But I was not going to lose weight, I was quite comfortable.

I lost weight by accident and unexpectedly for myself. So there was a personal life: a vivid romance, a difficult divorce, a constant and exhausting neurosis. All this led to serious problems with the stomach – I had to switch to buckwheat, chicken breast and cucumbers. And in six months I lost 25 kilograms – I began to weigh 65 with a height of 168 centimeters.

For me it was … wild! That’s how much I weighed, probably, only in school. It was impossible to adapt to a new body in any way: neither physically nor psychologically. I didn’t believe that I was wearing size 44. I felt awkward and uncomfortable. And I felt fat all the time!

Then the pain started. Dermatitis developed, pressure began to go off scale (although no hypertension was observed during the period of fullness), headaches and even fainting began. It was only necessary to eat something non-dietary, the intestines almost immediately took revenge on me. And then the pancreas. It was very difficult and morally: I realized by myself that fat and thin people have completely different needs for communication, different models of behavior. People began to leave my life – and it was not easy to survive.

I lost weight to 61 kilograms – just by force, without wanting it myself. This was the minimum point of my weight. It is not known how far this would have gone, but my personal life settled down, the exhausting neurosis left – and the food gradually became more normal.

Now, three years after my weight loss, I weigh about 65 kg. Plus or minus two. But in order not to get fat to the previous size, I try to adhere to certain rules of nutrition. Occasionally I take myself to the gym. In short, I treat my slimness like a million-dollar inheritance that suddenly fell down. I myself would not have earned so much, but if it “rolled in” – I must save it.

Am I happier by losing weight? Not at all! I just became completely different. And I am writing a book “You can’t help but lose weight”, which, I hope, will someday see the light of day. And it will allow you to look at weight loss from a different point of view – the way I look at it.


It was – 70 kg, it became – 50 kg, now – 58 kg

I have never been thin: with a height of 167 centimeters, I weighed about 55-56 kg. The usual normal weight, about which I did not worry. But when the child came, everything changed a lot.

During pregnancy, I did not recover very much, six kilograms. But while I was feeding … For some reason I decided that I could do anything! The child did not have any allergies, so I ate what I wanted. And as a result corroded up to 70 kg. I was 21!

This weight is not me at all. And I began to lose weight – on Dukan. Lost weight to appendicitis! In total, this diet and stay in the hospital “deprived” me of twelve kilograms in a year. After the operation, I began to weigh 58 kg, but there was no satisfaction.

I switched to a healthy lifestyle. I counted calories, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. I weighed all my food. I ate five times a day. It was almost orthorexia – my whole life was focused on food: how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat. And plus three times a day I went in for sports: in the morning I pumped up, in the afternoon – a simulator, in the evening I went to the gym. As a result – the ideal 50 kg!

That was great! I wore children’s clothes, there was no adult in my size! But then the alarm sounded relatives. Yes, and I myself understood that some problems with the psyche had begun.

A psychoanalyst came into my life. And the new diagnosis is bulimia. That is, I controlled, controlled myself, and then overeat – so that arrhythmia began and pressure jumped from overeating.

Then the pendulum swung the other way – I practically stopped monitoring my diet altogether. And, of course, she got better. There was a fairly short period of raw food diet, but it quickly ended: in our latitudes it is monotonous and expensive. And I also got a job with 18-hour shifts – there was no time to cook, I ate cheese soups, pasta with sausages and salads with mayonnaise …

Now I am 58 kg again. Outwardly, it looks quite attractive, but psychologically I feel uncomfortable at this weight. I understand that my “ideal” fifty is too much, but I want to lose weight at least up to 55. It will definitely be easier for me – both physically and mentally.


It was – 70 kg, now – 59 kg, now – 80 kg

My life was a series of useless diets: I lived from hand to mouth, then broke down and ate everything that came my way. And then I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I worked in one of the most famous glossy magazines, I was 19 years old, I was 70 kg. At the end of 2012, everything turned out so well that it was foolish to miss this opportunity. It was a project where several girls literally lost weight in front of the audience – every month a report was published in the magazine about their successes and defeats.

We were supervised by a nutritionist, I got a personal trainer – and I won this project by losing the most weight. And I lost fat mass, not muscle mass. By the end of the project (six months later) I weighed 59 kg. My happiness knew no bounds. I have never felt better, lighter, more confident. Quickly enough, the realization came that if you want to be like that, then this reduced diet and personal trainer are now forever.

Maintaining the weight wasn’t that hard, after all it becomes a habit. For more than three years I managed to balance within +/- 3 kg. I allowed myself some liberties, but as soon as I crossed the dangerous line, I immediately pulled myself together, returned to my old habits.

The turning point was pregnancy. I intended to eat right, supplying the baby with all the best. But toxicosis began, which lasted for a crazy six months – I simply could not eat anything but potatoes and pasta. Before I was not friends with carbohydrates at all, so my weight rapidly crept up. At some point, I asked the doctor not to tell me the results of the weighing. I was afraid to be photographed, because I understood that I was disgusted with myself. Following the toxicosis, the period “I’m pregnant and I can’t do anything, well, I can leave myself at least some joy in life” came, and food became my consolation. I thought, well, I’ll give birth, then I’ll lose weight. X day has come. At the birth, they told me to stand on the scales and tell me my weight. 97 kg! Almost 100!

When the baby was five months old, I made the decision to go to my nutritionist – the one who helped me lose weight at the beginning of this story. For almost two months I have been trying to keep my previous regimen, the presence of constant physical activity gives me a very clear feeling of a lot of work done – and you just can’t let it all go down the drain for a moment of pleasure. If it worked once, then it will work again.

Photo: personal archives of the heroines

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