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What surgeries did Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Renee Zellweger and Uma Thurman do?

Nicole Kidman has clearly had plastic surgery. She definitely had an endoscopic brow lift, because they became “spread”, plus, most likely, both upper and lower blepharoplasty was performed. Regarding the nose of Nicole Kidman, I do not notice any structural changes. What he was, such he is. Also, in my opinion, she has lost a lot of weight, and this is always reflected in her face.

The same thing happened with Renee Zellweger. She was recovering for a role in Bridget Jones’s Diary. Regarding the circular facelift, I would not say that there are signs by which it can be judged that she did it, since no characteristic hypercorrection is visible. But with the eyes and with the periorbital region (the area around the eyes, – ed.), she definitely worked.

Sandra Bullock. It is likely that the nose was corrected. Plus a slight fluctuation in weight, upper and lower blepharoplasty was. Despite the fact that all these actresses are over 50 years old, they look very good, but I would not say that there is much evidence that they did a circular facelift.

Uma Thurman. She is more likely to have had a facelift, as the characteristic tension is visible, and work has been done on the periorbital area, that is, upper and lower blepharoplasty is taking place. Most likely, she also had a lipofilling of the upper eyelids, an endoscopic brow lift, because her eyebrows are quite upturned.

At what age to do a circular facelift, so as not to be late

The need for surgery does not depend on age, but on indications. A lift can be performed at 40 and 50 years old, for example, after losing weight. The same blepharoplasty can be done already at the age of 18 if you, for example, have a genetic predisposition to hernias of the lower eyelid. If we talk about the fact that 45 years is the ideal age for a facelift, then no, you again need to focus on the testimony. It all depends on the genetic predisposition, skin tone, hormonal levels, lifestyle and care. Recently I was at a conference and listened to the report of one of my colleagues, and she said that even the blue color from the monitor of phones and computers affects our skin, especially the skin around the eyes and, accordingly, our youth. Therefore, many phones now have such a feature as a yellow filter, which is recommended to be used.

Speaking of other factors: incorrect posture also contributes to the redistribution of the load on a certain ligamentous apparatus of the body, which osteopaths often talk about now, and, accordingly, it also affects how much the skin and ligaments will sag.

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The type of aging and the type of face are also important. In this sense, the deformed type of face with apple-cheeks is less fortunate. In such patients, the volume of fat packs on the face is larger, this volume has a large mass, and, accordingly, gravitational forces act more on the face and pull it all down. Ligaments can stretch more and therefore the face can sag much more often, they have a larger face and, again, it is more subject to gravity.

Facelift Alternatives

There are no alternatives to a surgical facelift if it is already indicated. And in this situation, I personally focus on the Baker classification. It includes four degrees: if the patient has grade 1-2, the initial degree of gravitational ptosis and excess skin, then we can do with any alternative methods of facelift, for example, thread lifting gives a good result. In this procedure, threads with notches are used, thanks to which we move the skin and fat pads to an aesthetically favorable position. You can also work with facial skin using hardware cosmetology, for example, sonic smas-lifting, which is now very popular. The procedure is quite good, but, of course, it is not suitable for everyone, it also needs certain indications, again focusing on the Baker classification.

You can also use injection cosmetology and other hardware cosmetology. People often ask about Facebook building as an alternative. Of course, this is a completely different story, as a monomethod, I treat it with caution and distrust, but in the complex it all works well. If a patient periodically visits a cosmetologist, does some kind of care procedures, periodically puts threads, injects revitalizants, saturates and tightens the skin, while still affecting the muscles with face-building, this will definitely bring results. But if the face is already sagging, then Facebook building will be powerless.

Signs of good and bad surgery

Firstly, we evaluate the result of a circular facelift no earlier than six months later. And strained eyes, which are immediately remembered when talking about a lift, are not good at all. But give your face time. After the operation, the tissues shrink, they fall into place due to the dynamic work of the mimic muscles. If this situation with the eyes does not go away after six months or a year, then this is already an obvious hyper-correction, as if it was overdrawn.

Another marker: earlobes. If the lobes are stretched, this indicates that they were given insufficient attention during the operation, they were not sutured back to the platysmal ligament, and the shape of the ears was not restored. Please note that if patients have smoothed earlobes after a facelift, there is no characteristic wrinkle of the neck, but it is simply smoothed, this indicates that the operation did not work very well. Plastic surgery seeks to minimize scars, they are becoming more and more invisible, so pay attention to them, they can be used to judge the success of the operation. Techniques every year become more and more perfect and less traumatic. Now operations are safer than five years ago, and even more so 10 years ago.

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