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Remember how in one famous movie the heroine tried to straighten her curly hair by ironing it, and did not know whether to put the iron on “wool”, “silk” or even on “synthetics”.

The modern owner of naughty curls, of course, will not do this, fortunately, there is kerathermia in the salon or just hair straightening products for home use.

And it is unlikely that now you will, for example, wash a white pillowcase on a board and boil it down when you can use bleach and a 90-degree mode.

Of course, laziness moves civilization and progress. But is it really that bad? After all, we get a huge amount of free time to spend it on more important things than heating burnt pasta in a pan or typing a report on a typewriter.

A modern woman tries to surround herself with technology assistants to the maximum in order to save her energy for her family, work, for herself.

But are we modern in everything? Take, for example, contraceptives. Yes exactly! After all, progress has stepped into this area too. The contraceptive market has long been able to offer a great variety of products that fit the individual needs of each woman.

Let’s talk about hormonal contraceptives. If earlier, when they were mentioned, one or two drugs with a high dose of hormones and many side effects popped up in memory, now the number has increased several times, and the side effects have been minimized.

Moreover, such forms have been created that have an additional positive effect on the body – for example, they improve the skin and hair, protect a woman from menstrual problems. New forms of release have also appeared, which provide a more convenient mode of use.

Tablets. They provide high protection against unwanted pregnancy. The main side effects are expressed in headaches, breast tenderness, fluid retention. As a rule, after a couple of months, unwanted symptoms disappear. If not, then it is worth considering whether the drug is chosen correctly.

The pill regimen is the path of disciplined ladies. Skipping even one can cost you a lot of wasted nerves, and even reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Although the best minds are working in this direction.

And since you are taking pills, you can take them without interruption at all – as in the 24 + 4 system. This is much more convenient than remembering when to start a new pack.

Hormonal patches or vaginal rings give the woman an even more convenient mode of application. Their essence is the daily administration of strictly defined doses of hormones for quite a long time: either through the skin or directly into the vagina.

One of the longest acting methods of hormonal contraception is intrauterine system.The name speaks for itself.

Within 5 years, microdoses of the hormone will be released from a tiny reservoir into the uterine cavity, providing you with the comfort and spontaneity of close relationships, better health in the days before menstruation, and the uterus – reliable protection. You can think about love without thinking about contraception on any day of the cycle.

The levonorgestrel contained in the reservoir protects the endometrium from overgrowth, so for most women, periods can become less painful, lighter, and shorter. Women get the opportunity to enjoy their own lives without being distracted by contraception or menstrual problems.

Of the non-hormonal analogues, conventional intrauterine devices can be mentioned. But comparing these two methods is difficult and incorrect, because they differ in the principle of action, different in possible side effects, and in terms of efficiency itself.

In the end, every modern woman will decide for herself how often she wants to remember contraception and whether she wants to at all.

And having made a decision, you can safely go to the doctor and select the most reliable and most convenient method of contraception for you.

Keep up with the times, take care of yourself and your loved ones and be healthy!

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