Infertility of unknown origin – what it is and how to overcome it

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According to statistics, there are about 15-20% of such “unclear” couples among those who fail to get pregnant.

The diagnosis of “infertility” is made if the couple has a regular sexual life without contraception for more than 12 months (if a woman is over 35 years old – more than 6 months), and pregnancy does not occur. Quite often it turns out that we are talking about false infertility. And here are the most common reasons:

Irregular sex life

If a couple has sexual intercourse irregularly – for example, one of the spouses is often away on long business trips, or intimacy happens less than 2 times a week, then this is precisely the essence of the problem. It happens that it is enough to switch to an active sexual life for the desired pregnancy to occur.

Ovulation control

Paradoxically, difficulties with conception arise if a woman tries to get pregnant on a “schedule”, waiting for a positive ovulation test (and some women still focus on raising basal temperature, although this method is not very reliable), and only then proceed to intimate relationships.

Active sex life

The opposite situation also happens – “a holiday every day.” Spermatozoa do not have time to mature, and therefore pregnancy cannot occur. It is worth reducing the number of sexual contacts to 2-3 times a week, as the problem is solved.


Some women, for hygiene reasons, douche after sex – and this also reduces the likelihood of conception.

Psychological factor

Many couples tend to underestimate the role of psychology, when it often plays a decisive role in procreation. As a rule, difficulties arise in women with a heightened sense of responsibility, who tend to attach great importance to motherhood and the upbringing of children. Such women themselves drive themselves into stress, in which the ratio of hormones is disturbed – in particular, the level of prolactin rises, so it is not possible to get pregnant.

Standard treatment against the background of continuous stress is often insufficient, and even such a highly effective method as IVF is not always effective.

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