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In our age of modern technology and innovation, it is simply unacceptable to lag behind progress. But what is technological progress for us, “earthly” people? Of course, it should be, first of all, something that we use constantly, something that improves the quality of everyday life.

LCD panels with a million colors; cars that consume less fuel; now indispensable in the kitchen, mobile blenders and steamers are all simple examples of innovations that we already use in everyday life.

Medicine does not stand still: Botox rejuvenation no longer seems to be something transcendent and accessible only to models, immunity support with special preparations in autumn and spring has become a permanent procedure. But with this inexorable progression, there were still “white spots” on the canvas of caring for one’s health and beauty…

Let’s recall simple examples from our life: a careless movement with a sharp kitchen knife, and now a festive tablecloth with a speck of blood. The child returns from a walk: with one hand he rolls a bicycle, and with the other he methodically stains his shirt, jeans, sneakers with droplets of blood from an abrasion on his palm, although the “wound” is small, but the chores for the upcoming washing are big.

Another example: a disgruntled and gloomy husband has been standing in the corridor since morning and is trying to “heal” a razor cut on his cheek with a look in the mirror, preventing him from leaving the house as soon as possible.

Previously, in all these situations, we would first run for the patch, but it is not always at hand, the child can quickly throw off the patch, accidentally hitting it, and the blood will start again, and the husband will simply refuse to leave the house with a piece of the patch on his face.

And here is the best time to come into action with these modern technologies, which help to improve our lives! Smart – a familiar word? Yes! But now it sounds different! This is not a car, phone or mobile communicator – this is a line of innovative Smart hemostatic agents!

Think for yourself how convenient it is: a small container with Smart powder can be attached like a keychain to a child’s jeans, and even the smallest can use it in an emergency, you just need to pour a little powder on the wound and the bleeding will stop instantly.

Well, you don’t even have to ask your husband – stick a hemostatic transparent strip on the wound, and in a second the blood will stop, and even a fellow traveler in the elevator will not see the transparent strip on his face.

Also in the Smart line of hemostatic agents there are special tampons for stopping nosebleeds, which is very convenient for those who are familiar with this problem firsthand.

This is very convenient: no scarves, frightened looks of others from the sight of flowing blood. The tampon, when in contact with blood, increases in volume and takes the form of a nostril, while remaining almost invisible and quickly stopping even severe nasal bleeding.

How do these funds work? Everything is very simple, and most importantly – safe! Smart hemostatic agents are made from microdispersed oxidized cellulose (m-doc™).

With the help of its action, blood is absorbed, a gel-like layer is formed on the entire surface of the damaged skin area, which contributes to the rapid cessation of bleeding. Microdispersed cellulose is a natural product, so Smart products are completely hypoallergenic and safe to use, both for adults and children.

From the time that the cave paintings tell us about and up to the Middle Ages, the problem of bleeding was solved simply and severely: compression and cauterization of the wound was the only way to stop the bleeding.

Time passed, and only in the Middle Ages did the first knowledge and experimental use of certain substances that could stop blood, wounds and abrasions begin to be treated with herbs and plant extracts. Knowledge spread, and not only a healer, but any person could solve the problem by applying an ordinary yarrow or aloe to the wound.

It was not until 1628 that a shift took place in this field of medicine. The English physician Sir William Harvey published a scientific treatise on the circulation of blood in the human body, thereby scientifically proving the use of compression and tourniquet application to quickly stop bleeding.

Almost four centuries have passed, and the methods used to stop household bleeding have not changed much. That is why it can be said that Smart is a really new tool in the matter of stopping bleeding in any situation at home, which is available not only to doctors, but also to any person.

When such things as Smart products enter our lives and become an integral part of it, as before, for example, there was a bubble of brilliant green – this is the progress that has reached everyone and it really cannot be stopped! And who knows what innovations they will come up with, and most importantly, they will introduce into everyday use in the future … Maybe many plots from films about the future are not so fiction?

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