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The first thing that really strikes you when you drive up to the building of the Research Center is its scope. The vast territory of the complex is more than 22,000 square meters. It employs over 400 experts of different nationalities, specialists in the field of 20 scientific disciplines. A quarter of all employees, by the way, are candidates of science! It immediately becomes clear that the matter is serious (more than $90 million was invested in the development of the center), and after talking with specialists, you understand that they work with their souls, which is important in everything related to children.

By the way, the first Pampers were created in the USA in 1961 by an absolutely caring person. Chemical engineer Victor Mills faced a dire shortage of affordable disposable diapers when he became a grandfather. At that time, only 1% of parents used already existing diapers and only in rare cases: they were very expensive. He studied the topic, mass-produced and perfected the diapers, which immediately became popular. The scientist lived for 100 years, until 1997, and managed to see what heights his colleagues from Procter & Gamble managed to achieve in creating the perfect diapers. True, at that time experts were still struggling with the main task – where to put all the “wee-wee”. The answer was found only this year, when the new Pampers Active Baby-Dry diapers with three absorbent channels were introduced to the public.

First of all, the Center’s specialists work with the comments of mothers and fathers who use Pampers products. Every advice, every request is taken into account here, and the shortcomings noticed are worked especially carefully. Conduct multi-stage tests of materials and technologies for safety and efficiency.

Each week, more than 1,000 children test 45,000 diapers in the Center’s special play areas (yes, there is one) or at home. And be sure: there are simply no dissatisfied parents and children with the new Pampers Active Baby-Dry! Babies stay absolutely dry for up to 12 hours, which guarantees a restful night’s sleep or a fun walk in the park. Three innovative wicking channels evenly distribute moisture inside the diaper and, most importantly, retain its shape as it fills, preventing sagging. So the problem of “lump” between the legs is completely eliminated. Pampers Active Baby-Dry also includes new generation microbeads that absorb up to 30 times their own weight in moisture. Stretchy sidewalls provide a snug fit for the diaper, while soft, breathable material gently cares for delicate baby skin.

Behind every diaper that we put on our baby is the work of a huge number of people who strive to make our life a little easier and more peaceful. And today, thanks to innovation, you can safely ignore your grandmother’s angry comments. I’m sure they are just jealous that they had to wash diapers, and we have new Pampers Active Baby-Dry!

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