Insidious cold: find out how to treat SARS!

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Your throat is tickling, your nose is running, your head is splitting, you feel weak and aching all over your body, and the mercury thermometer ruthlessly exceeds 37 degrees. Each of us is familiar with the symptoms of a cold. But not everyone knows how to deal with it competently.

What is a cold?

Did you know that any cold is an illness caused by respiratory viruses? Not hypothermia, wet feet or a serving of ice cream, but viruses are the cause of the disease. Hypothermia is only a trigger for its development.

In addition to the well-known influenza, there are also adeno-, rhino-, respiratory syncytial, parainfluenza and many other viruses. All of them affect the respiratory tract of a person and are transmitted by airborne droplets.

They are grouped under the general name “acute respiratory viral infections”, or ARVI for short.

All of these diseases (with the possible exception of the flu) are taken lightly. There is a proverb: “If a cold is treated, it will pass in a week, and if not, it will last as long as seven days.”

Such an attitude towards SARS is unjustified. Complications after respiratory infections can lead to chronic diseases of the respiratory tract (sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.), inflammation of the lungs, disorders of the heart and kidneys.

The common cold can be just as bad as the flu.

How to treat SARS?

What Not to Do

How you do not want to lock yourself in four walls and lie in bed all day! And what about the unfulfilled plan at work?! Important Seminar! And many, having swallowed antipyretics, are in a hurry to plunge headlong into working life. But you should not do this.

Why? First, in this case, the risk of complications increases many times over. Secondly, in the office, educational institution, public transport and other crowded places, you can become infected with a new respiratory virus.

An organism weakened by an infection is an easy prey for him. Finally, you are contagious to others.

What do we have to do

Have you made the wise decision to lie down at home for a couple of days? Congratulations! What do you need to know about treatment?

For colds, symptomatic remedies are usually used. They help to get rid of the unpleasant manifestations of the disease: sore throat, runny nose, cough, etc.

Of course, the high temperature should be “knocked down”, bronchitis should be treated, and in case of rhinitis, the nasal cavity should be treated with special solutions. However, you should not expect that by swallowing one tablet at night, you will wake up absolutely healthy in the morning.

This is the insidiousness of such drugs. When the symptoms disappear, the person thinks that he is already completely cured. But in fact, the culprits of the disease – viruses – remained safe and sound.

Such a “recovered” is in a hurry to return to his former way of life. But, having suffered the disease on the legs, there is a risk of earning dangerous complications.

Therefore, in addition to symptomatic agents for respiratory infections, antiviral drugs are used. In ARVI, it is advisable to use drugs that affect all types of respiratory viruses.

Protein plays an important role in protecting against viruses. interferon. It is produced when pathogens enter the body and blocks their reproduction.

Interferon affects all types of respiratory viruses. In diseases caused by rhino-, adeno-, respiratory syncytial viruses, parainfluenza viruses, nose drops are used Grippferon, created on the basis of recombinant alpha-2b interferon.

Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of influenza and other respiratory viral infections.

Grippferon significantly reduces the duration of the disease, reduces the amount of drugs consumed by more than 2 times and helps prevent the development of dangerous complications.

The drug is allowed even for newborns and pregnant women.

If symptoms of SARS appear, it is recommended to consult a specialist. It is imperative to consult a doctor at a temperature above 38.5-39 ° C, which does not decrease when taking antipyretic drugs, as well as if you suspect bronchitis, otitis media, sinusitis and other complications.

It is also necessary for people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Complications can develop after an infection. Therefore, carefully listen to the state of your body. If something worries – be sure to complain to the doctor.

Be especially careful within two weeks after the end of the disease. Do not overwork, temporarily give up sports, suspend your membership to a fitness club.


The natural way to strengthen the body is an active lifestyle. Daily exercise, running, swimming and other sports are excellent prevention of SARS. Just do not forget that in case of diseases of the cardiovascular and broncho-pulmonary systems, the musculoskeletal system, training should be started only after consulting a doctor.

Another way to increase immunity is hardening. Autumn is the right time to start the procedures.

Start every morning with a cold (or contrast) shower, rubdowns, douches – and you will get sick much less often.

The elderly, as well as people with kidney disease, hypertension, heart defects should consult a specialist before proceeding with the procedures. In addition, hardening and physical activity are contraindicated during illness until complete recovery.

No vaccine has yet been developed to prevent SARS. And it is unlikely that she will ever appear. To date, more than 200 types of viruses are known that cause SARS. And you can’t vaccinate against all two hundred.

The best option for preventing acute respiratory viral infections is the use of the drug Grippferon. After communicating with the patient or in case of hypothermia, start using Grippferon as soon as possible.

It must be used in cases where there is a danger of getting sick: in close contact with a patient with ARVI, during an epidemic, with hypothermia.

Take care of yourself! Our health is in our hands!

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