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Insomnia is a sleep disorder, expressed in its complete absence.

However, in ordinary life, we understand insomnia as the inability to fall asleep quickly, waking up for no reason at night, or poor superficial sleep.

According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet has difficulty falling asleep or suffers from insomnia, so this problem is very relevant. Scientists say that poor sleep or lack thereof adversely affects the entire body as a whole. Particularly affected are the cells of the brain, which without rest give a “failure”.

Causes of insomnia

Sleep problems can have many sources:

  • these are our worries
  • wrong mode
  • too intense rhythm of life,
  • certain diseases (both mental and physical),
  • stress and psychological trauma.
  • heredity (probably Children whose parents suffer from insomnia are 3 times more likely to develop insomnia. than their peers whose parents do not have sleep problems. )

All these disorders lead to the fact that a person experiences painful drowsiness during the day, which prevents him from leading his usual way of life. However, if we exclude diseases that interfere with normal sleep, then the situation with sleep disturbance is quite fixable.

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How to deal with insomnia?

By morning, the result of a sleepless night is obvious: a tired look, a depressed mood, pale skin, bags under the eyes. All this is fraught with the danger of premature fading, loss of beauty. Therefore, at any cost, it is necessary to ensure a good night’s rest. Exist Simple rules that will help you get a sound healthy sleep.

Remember that the best time for deep sleep is before midnight. Try to go to bed no later than 22-23 hours.

Do not drink coffee, strong tea, alcohol before going to bed – they depress the nervous system, and their action expires only after a few hours, and then it is really difficult to fall asleep. You should also refrain from sugar, which excites the nervous system. In the event that before going to bed you still want to eat, drink a glass of kefir or milk.

It is better to sleep with the window ajar, as the more oxygen the body receives, the more it relaxes. Sleepwear lovers should prefer comfortable and made from natural fibers, such as cotton.

Water procedures before going to bed are very useful: after a busy day, take a bath or shower.

Choose a comfortable pillow for yourself.

If you have children, try to finish all classes with them by 20 o’clock – the children also get tired and by this time they no longer perceive any information, except for a bedtime story.

If you can’t sleep at all, don’t give up anyway. always go to bed at the same time. Sooner or later you will re-educate yourself – after all, you will have to wake up “with roosters” every day!

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