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How much has already been written and rewritten on this topic, but the situation, if it changes, is only for the worse. In our country, unemployment, perhaps, will never threaten a gynecologist. Already someone who, and they, with our carelessness, will never be left without work. In any case, in the near future, given the current situation, the cycle of women’s problems will apparently remain the same for a long time: the first pregnancy is an abortion, the second is a miscarriage, then infertility, treatment …

At the first signs of an unwanted pregnancy, a young girl, as a rule, begins to rush about in fear, inject drugs, take some kind of baths, drink herbs and pills. Then, realizing that she cannot do anything on her own, and yet, no matter how much she would like to, she will have to see a doctor, she runs to a medical facility for an abortion.

Her main and immediate task is to get rid of her “interesting” position as soon as possible. At this moment, she still does not think about how this can come back to haunt her future life, whether her further health problems will be solved just as quickly.

Today doctors are alarmed by the increase in the number of first abortions. In medical statistics, for several years now there has been a new column: termination of pregnancy before 14 years of age. In general, 2.5 million abortions are performed annually in Russia. Just think about these numbers! What kind of health can we talk about if half of these female girls will probably never have children?

But, As a rule, a young woman, having decided on an abortion, is convinced that this operation will not affect her health and the possibility of becoming pregnant in the future. This is mistake!!! Let’s look again at what abortion is.

Abortion is a surgical operation for the artificial termination of pregnancy: the destruction and removal of the fetal egg. Contrary to popular belief, it is technically difficult, because the doctor does not see either the cervical canal through which the instrument is inserted, or the cavity and walls of the uterus, or the fetal egg itself. The operation is performed blindly, by touch. Hence the likelihood of injuring the wall of the uterus, leaving a piece of the fetal egg in it.

Therefore, practitioners pay attention to the high incidence of complications after the first abortion. The main ones among them can be identified: the inflammatory process in the uterus, tubes, ovaries; spontaneous miscarriages, pathological course of pregnancy and childbirth; inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, depression and irritability. The worst thing is that all these complications occur, as a rule, not immediately after an abortion, but within one or two years after it.

Naturally, the shorter the gestation period, the lower the risk of complications. Nevertheless, there is an opinion among some girls that artificial childbirth (abortion with a long term, which today even comes into fashion, oddly enough it may seem to someone) seems to be easier to bear than abortion itself. Because it’s supposedly physiology. However, there is no logic here. Yes, indeed, for a long time, sometimes a caesarean section is done for medical reasons (when an almost living child is thrown into a bucket). But with it, profuse bleeding often occurs, which sometimes ends with the removal of the reproductive organ. In addition, complications after such a late artificial termination of pregnancy are the cause of every 3-4th case of maternal death.

Of course, doctors do everything possible to make the abortion safe. In order to anesthetize it as much as possible, intravenous anesthesia is used (with mini-local anesthesia). With a criminal abortion, which, unfortunately, still takes place in our lives, in general, they probably scrape it alive.

In general, a woman should not have an abortion in her life. Two abortions already counts as a lot. Well, and the fifth or eighth in a row … This, consider, already all the insides are mended and re-darned. Nevertheless, some answered the question: “How many abortions were there?” – even with undisguised pride they answer: “Ten”. And some, waving their hand, say something like this: “Yes, I don’t even remember, I lost count.” Let this not sound rude (although it may be more intelligible), but the uterus is not a pan, and it is impossible to clean it endlessly. After all, it is not by chance that after the second abortion there is a risk of the appearance of malignant tumors. And then, if a woman could only see the behavior of her 12-week-old fetus during the operation, how widely, as if in a death cry, anticipating the threat of her death, she opens her mouth, how she rushes about, trying to escape from a surgical instrument, how her blows become more frequent. hearts from 140 to 200 per minute … It is unlikely that then she would have dared to take this step.

But, if you still decide on this operation, you should know the acceptable time frame. For example, a mini-abortion is done up to 18-20 days of delay in the expected menstruation, and from the previous ones there should be 56-58 days. It is done on an outpatient basis. Abortions up to 12 weeks are performed in a hospital. Abortions before 22 weeks are considered termination of pregnancy for social reasons: rape, the husband died or is in prison, or divorce during pregnancy; age limit, as well as other individual reasons why a woman cannot give birth to a child at the present time.

We should not forget that all abortions are done after a certain examination of the woman’s health (if necessary, treatment will be prescribed). This means that you should contact a medical institution a little earlier than the indicated dates. And after 7-10 days after the operation, it is mandatory to visit a antenatal clinic.

And the last. The fact that abortions are harmful both for the woman and for her subsequent children is an obvious fact. However, it is also clear that calls for a complete ban on abortion are absolutely harmful. Only a woman’s awareness of their harm, preventive work, doctors’ consultations and frank conversations between mothers and girls of even the youngest age, the use of contraception – only all this can improve the situation with abortions and reduce their harm to our health.

Svetlana Shuklina.

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