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This is when you are so unlucky that you can only wear wide skirts and only black trousers. Otherwise, wet stripes or triangles in the groin area will lead others to bad thoughts.

People who sweat a lot in the armpits or palms, and then they complex. But for them, deodorants and antiperspirants were invented. You are unlikely to risk splashing these life-saving remedies on intimate areas. How to live?

What causes intimate areas to sweat

The causes of secondary hyperhidrosis can be different. More often than others, something from this list occurs:

  • Age-related changes in hormonal levels – for example, puberty or menopause. It is possible (but not necessarily) when the rebuild is completed, the problem will go away by itself.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system: diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism (thyroid disease), obesity.
  • Diseases of the nervous system: Parkinson’s disease, focal brain lesions, brain damage due to traumatic brain injury. It is unlikely, however, that sweating in this case will be your main concern.
  • Infectious diseases that are accompanied by temperature fluctuations: HIV infection, malaria, tuberculosis, brucellosis.
  • Pathologies of the cardiovascular system, including heart failure, arrhythmia.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Diseases of the kidneys, lungs.
  • Intoxication (food, alcohol, chemical, etc.).

That is, if you didn’t have a problem with high humidity before, and now suddenly it has arisen, and you are not 12-17 years old and not 52-60, then it makes sense to visit a therapist and an endocrinologist for a start.

And if this is primary hyperhidrosis, nothing else hurts you … Well, you have to somehow adapt to yourself.

Tampons VS pads

In the idiopathic form of hyperhidrosis, personal hygiene is very important, so the choice of hygiene products should be agreed with a dermatologist. On critical days, you will have to change pads more often than other girls. However, in your situation, tampons are preferable: against the background of excessive sweating, diaper rash occurs, pads can aggravate the inflammatory process and cause irritation on the skin. It is also advisable to refuse daily pads on ordinary days.

Irina Zhuravleva, gynecologist

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In the inguinal-perineal region there are quite a lot of not only sweat, but also sebaceous glands. And around them, microorganisms create colonies for themselves, which, in fact, are the cause of a strong smell. Those around you feel this smell more than you yourself, and not everyone is excited by it. Therefore, with excessive sweating in intimate areas, you should use not just an intimate hygiene gel, but a deodorant gel. And then – powder or talc.

Depilation – good or evil

Simple logic suggests: the less hair in the “risk zone”, the lower the temperature there and, accordingly, less sweating. That is, a complete depilation of a bikini could theoretically alleviate the condition. But not every method of baldness is equally useful.

Waxing can be complicated by a pronounced inflammatory process, so it is not recommended for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. Laser hair removal and ELOS hair removal somewhat reduce the activity of the sweat glands, that is, they give a therapeutic effect. Unfortunately, the sweat glands in the pubic area cannot be “turned off” in the same way as in the armpits – with the help of Botox: this may not have the best effect on the sexual and urinary functions of the body.

Irina Zhuravleva, gynecologist

In general, if the described problem is yours, you have no choice but to become very feminine and sexy: wear wide long skirts and small cotton panties, use intimate cosmetics (we wrote about it in detail here), do bikini elos epilation and proudly realize that dryness is not your vice.

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