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In autumn, along with the first rains and chilly wind, infections that require serious treatment, such as tonsillitis or pneumonia, become more frequent. Unfortunately, antibiotic treatment kills not only disease-causing bacteria, but also beneficial bacteria throughout the body.

Today, everyone knows that after a course of antibiotics, it is necessary to take drugs to restore the intestinal microflora.But few people know that taking antibiotics adversely affects not only the intestinal, but also the normal vaginal flora, whose role in intimate comfort is invaluable!

Causes of Trouble

Normally, useful lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli) live in sufficient quantities on the vaginal mucosa. They produce lactic acid and other substances, thereby stimulating local immunity and creating a physiological acidic environment.

The acidic environment, in turn, serves as a protective factor and prevents the growth of “harmful” bacteria. When taking antibiotics, lactobacilli are suppressed, and “foreign” microbes, including pathogens, take their place.

This condition is called dysbiosis. Violation of the natural barrier manifests itself in the form of itching and burning in the vagina, an unpleasant odor, as well as discomfort during intimacy.

Women, faced with symptoms of intimate discomfort, begin to intensively use disinfectants, including for douching.

Thus, they make the vaginal environment more alkaline and continue to kill the protective microflora, exacerbating the situation. This state of dysbiosis is not only painful and unpleasant, but can also lead to the development of an inflammatory process.

natural solution

During periods of taking any antibiotics, it is important to maintain an acidic environment that is optimal for lactobacilli.

Gynocomfort® gels have an acidic pH and are specifically designed to address all types of vaginal discomfort. The use of Gynocomfort® gels during antibiotic treatment allows you to maintain the natural protection of the vagina.

Gels Gynocomfort®:

contribute to the normalization natural microflora and maintain an acidic pH,

quickly eliminate all unpleasant manifestations: irritation, itching, burning and dryness of the vagina,

restore mucous during and after antibiotic treatment, after infectious processes of the vagina (for example, thrush),

give a lasting sensation moisture and comfort

have anti-inflammatory action and accelerate the healing of microdamages.

Gel Gynocomfort® with tea tree oil additionally has an antiseptic effect, suppresses pathogenic microflora and creates conditions for the growth of lactobacilli. Gel Gynocomfort® with tea tree oil should be used during antibiotic treatment and within two weeks after the end of their intake.

If manifestations of vaginal discomfort occur periodically, it is necessary to apply Gynocomfort® gel with mallow extract. It is suitable for continuous use as a preventive care for mucous membranes prone to irritation and dryness.

Application of gels Gynocomfort® will allow you to maintain intimate health and a sense of comfort during antibiotic treatment.

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