Iron deficiency anemia: diseases that you should not have associated with it

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Then you begin to pursue colds. The word “chase” must be taken literally: SARS quickly turns into bronchitis, you are treated for two weeks, then you cough for another month (doctors at the clinic call this residual effects), and then the next SARS attacks you. Sometimes instead of SARS there is cystitis. An inescapable cough is declared bronchial asthma and is treated with hormones, but still the next ARVI does not take long …

In most women in this state, libido drops – and you don’t want sex at all. Even worse: making love can not only be annoying, because it takes away time from sleep, but also cause physical pain: thinned and drying mucous membranes are the reason for this.

Mucous membranes – in the nose, in the throat, in the genitourinary system, in the intestines, due to lack of nutrition, become thinner and cease to function as a natural barrier. Infections, taking advantage of this, attack you furiously.

Very often, doctors begin to look for all sorts of hidden reasons for your soreness. They offer tests for chlamydia, mycoplasma, the herpes virus … Finding nothing, they start a second round of search. But for some reason they do not check the level of iron in the blood serum, transferrin and ferritin.

Sometimes such inattention is explained tritely: your hemoglobin indicators in your general blood test balance somewhere on the lower limit of the norm, and therefore there are no formal grounds for diagnosing anemia and directing you to more detailed studies.

We wrote in detail about how iron is distributed in the body and what tests make it possible to detect a deficiency in time.

With severe iron deficiency, iron preparations are prescribed. In fairly large, I must say, doses. And they usually need to be taken for a long time: three months after the laboratory parameters return to normal.

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Where does the deficit come from?

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