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What determines our drunkenness

From a medical point of view, the manifestations of a hangover, or in the language of doctors – intoxication caused by the products of alcohol metabolism, can manifest itself in different people in different ways. Why does it depend? In fact, it depends on gender, in women, for example, the symptoms of intoxication may appear at lower doses of alcohol than in men.

It may depend on nationality, for example, in Asians, the gene that is involved in the metabolism of ethyl alcohol has a different format than in Europeans. They ferment ethyl alcohol into acetylaldehyde faster than Europeans, so they are much more likely to receive a toxic dose of this metabolite. But there is a plus: in the presence of such a gene, it is difficult to become an alcoholic. The reason is obvious – rapidly advancing, long and painful alcohol intoxication interferes with the formation of addiction.

Thus, we have come to the main instigator of the “hangover” or alcohol intoxication – acetylaldehyde, it is he who causes all the symptoms that are familiar to us – dry mucous membranes, nausea, headache. And the main task for relieving these symptoms is to help the body metabolize acetylaldehyde as quickly as possible to acetic acid, then to water and carbon dioxide – which are no longer dangerous to the body. The second equally important task is to eliminate the consequences of exposure to acetylaldehyde and acetic acid – dehydration and hypoglycemia – a drop in blood sugar levels.

Why Raw Eggs and Butter Won’t Prevent Hangovers

Let’s take a look at a few popular ways to prevent a hangover. It is believed that a hearty dinner before drinking alcohol can reduce the symptoms of alcohol intoxication. Actually it is not. The only thing is that food can become a kind of buffer for alcohol and the state of intoxication will come later, but food does not affect alcohol metabolism. It is important to remember about the dose here. If you ate well and drank a glass of wine – this is one story, and if you have 3 glasses – already, you see, another.

There is an opinion that if you drink a raw egg or a tablespoon of oil on the eve of a libation, then the gastric mucosa will not allow alcohol to be absorbed. Also a myth. About 20% of the alcohol consumed is absorbed in the stomach, most of it is absorbed in the small intestine, in the so-called absorption window, and then the blood brings it to our biochemical laboratory – the liver. Already in hepatocytes, decay occurs, so oil and eggs will not greatly slow down absorption, and, of course, they do not affect the subsequent formation of acetlaldehyde and do not reduce its toxic effects on the body.

Two tips to help yourself before the party

But what if you take any sorbent on the eve of the party? For most pharmacy sorbents, this is a myth, because they do not interact with alcohol and its metabolites. There is an option to empty the stomach with the contents: food + alcohol. It partly takes place if more than 2 hours have not passed since the main dose of alcohol was taken. If more has passed, then the bulk of the alcohol you have drunk is already in the blood, and if this dose was high, then you cannot avoid a hangover. Well, and, of course, if there is an urge to empty the stomach, it is better not to interfere with it. It will get easier.

How to help yourself survive the approaching series of New Year’s corporate parties and family feasts? No matter how strange it may sound, like is treated like. Drink a glass of dry wine an hour before the feast. This activates the enzymatic systems and the body will be a little better ready to take the main dose of alcohol.

During the feast, drink more water. The calculation is something like this: for every 50 ml of strong alcohol – 250 ml of water. This will lower the concentration of alcohol, which will give the body time to metabolize it. And take three glycine tablets the day before. Few people know that this wonderful over-the-counter drug is an active participant in the detoxification system, including alcohol metabolites.

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