Is there life without meat?

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It is hard not to notice that over the past decades, meat has slowly but surely moved from the category of favorite dishes to outcasts. To admit that you love chops or barbecue is almost a bad form, they will laugh and read a sermon about healthy eating. Why?

The main reason for the persecution of meat is fats and “bad cholesterol”, which, according to nutritionists, it contains. The psychological moment is also not left without attention: eating a killed animal is unforgivable. All this, flavored with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, gives us great doubts: even if there are no extra pounds and the figure is normal, is it necessary to eat meat?

It turns out that it is necessary, and even vital. Meat is the second product after mother’s milk, under which our body is ideally “tuned”. In addition, it contains a set of amino acids, without which the vital activity of the human body is impossible, just as it is impossible without protein, because 1/4 of the human body consists of it! Moreover, our body is not able to “store” these substances for the future, which means that, experiencing a deficiency, it will take protein from its own organs, heart, muscles.

What else is protein for? It is he who maintains a “lean” body weight, a sufficient coefficient of which guarantees us active burning of calories.

The daily protein intake for women is 100g, for men – 150. And if you want to get this amount, for example, from eggs, then you will have to consume them at least dozens – one egg contains 7g. squirrel. Therefore, it will be much more useful to eat 100g. a serving of dietary chicken breast, with which your body will receive 20 g of such a valuable substance.

The disputes of nutritionists about replacing animal protein with vegetable protein have practically subsided: all studies have confirmed the correctness of the theory of a balanced diet: the body needs both vegetable and animal proteins equally.

bad – good

How cholesterol was divided into bad and good – scientists also argue. And many are inclined to believe that there is only one cholesterol, and it can be neither bad nor good. But most doctors believe: good – cholesterol with high density lipoproteins – HDL, bad – with low density lipoproteins – LDL. It is the latter that is the culprit of atherosclerosis: it damages the walls of the vessel and, accumulating, forms atherosclerotic plaques, which clog the vessel.

Where does bad cholesterol come from? From fatty meat, butter, lard, margarine.

However, there are some nuances here: it seems that bad cholesterol acts selectively: for example, the French, who traditionally eat fatty meat dishes, rank last in Europe in terms of the number of cardiovascular diseases. Nutritionists explain this phenomenon by the fact that they cook in France with olive oil (a strong antioxidant), do not refuse red wine and a large amount of fruit. But doctors admit: despite all the restrictions in food, the “invention” of cholesterol-free products and even the latest drugs have not yet been able to stop the growth of cardiovascular diseases. Is it cholesterol?

Why do we need fat?

But the worst thing that, in our opinion, is found in meat is fat. It appears to us as unpleasant folds that cleverly disguise our waists. It seems that you will not have time to eat a chop yet – and a few grams have already settled in problem areas …

In fact, fat is important and necessary for a person, because nothing more than our brain needs it!

Isn’t that why, after “sitting” on a diet of “your own composition”, you suddenly begin to think slowly, sleep poorly and get tired quickly? A deficiency of essential fatty acids can also lead to heart disease, and a long-term absence of the required amount of fat is no less dangerous than their excess. Fats are part of the protoplasm, nucleus and membrane of our cells, and also protect the body from hypothermia and injury.

On average, a woman’s body should have about 15-23% fat, in men the figure is slightly lower – 14-20%. Of course, it is necessary to calculate the ratio you personally need only individually, and it is impossible to determine this indicator in your own body “by eye”: there are special devices for this.

Fitness coaches often talk about the importance of maintaining a certain balance between fat and muscle mass – it is their ideal ratio that gives you great health and excellent physical shape. Achieving this without protein and animal fat is problematic, so it doesn’t stop us from remembering the golden rule of our mothers and grandmothers: a little of everything, everything in moderation!

How to eat a steak and not get better?

Let the portion not strike the imagination, but as a side dish there will be a fresh salad made from green vegetables: they have a lot of chlorophyll, which contributes to the rapid absorption and “transit” of food through the gastrointestinal tract. And then drink a jasmine tea, if, of course, you like it. The substances contained in it contribute to the energetic breakdown of fats.

It is no secret that everyone wants to look good and have a slim figure, and first of all for the sake of their own attractiveness, and secondly for the sake of health. We want to please men! But do they like hungry pale women?

On this occasion, very interesting advice can be found in Yulia Bordovskikh’s book “Fitness for Two”, for example, when it comes to a first date, a romantic dinner in a restaurant or at home:

“A man wants to be around a cheerful, cheerful woman who knows how to enjoy. The one who immediately demonstrates to the gentleman life according to the rules makes you wonder what other restrictions to expect from her? And is it only at the table that she is so restrained? And suddenly he will have to follow all these restrictions? Well, I do not! That is why at a romantic dinner you should not emphasize your nutritional principles. Order simple dishes without rich sauces. For example, a light salad for a starter and fish or a piece of grilled meat.”

So even for the sake of a beloved man, it is hardly necessary to build a disembodied nymph out of yourself. It is better to be just a healthy woman, full of energy and positive emotions.

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