It is written on the face: how to recognize the disease by appearance?

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Do you know how you can recognize the disease at an early stage? Surely you will think: “Immediately consult a doctor if something suddenly hurts.” This, of course, is correct, but we propose to learn to “see” the disease even earlier, when nothing has yet had time to get sick. Goodshapetips tells how to consider the “enemy” when he has not yet declared himself in full voice.

Scientists believe that this can be done by the appearance of a person: arms, legs, face, eyes, torso. In addition, the psychological portrait can also be determined by appearance.

Let’s start with human growth

High people have developed mental abilities, but they are prone to colds and nervous disorders. For physically and socially active lowpeople often show disorders of the digestive and circulatory systems. People with long and thick arms and legs are strong mentally, they are very flexible in the social and intellectual sphere.

Attention should also be paid to shoulders:if a person has unbalanced shoulders (that is, one is higher than the other), then the organs located on the side where the shoulder is higher are weaker than those located on the side of the lower shoulder.

Sloping shoulderscorrespond to the feminine principle, a balanced nervous system, active physical and mental activity. People with square shoulders have a masculine character and a lot of physical health.

The activity of a person depends on the length of the legs. People with short legs cannot sit for a long time – they like to walk and stand; They also absorb information better while standing. A long-legged person, on the contrary, cannot stand or walk for a long time, he has a constant desire to sit down.

Special attention should be paid to the fingers and toes:

  • long fingers talk about a very emotional, receptive and aesthetic nature;
  • short fingers – about high resistance to surrounding negative factors;
  • the index finger is longer than the ring finger – perhaps there is a congenital pathology of the large intestine;
  • the index finger is equal in height to the middle and lower than the ring finger – diseases of the heart or stomach are likely;
  • fingers, equal in length, say that their owner can perform complex manual work;
  • fingers, different in length, are typical mainly for creative people – these people work not with their hands, but with their heads;
  • the flexibility of the fingers was lost – which means that the muscles, arteries and veins have hardened not only on the hands, but throughout the body.

Each finger and toe corresponds to certain organs and functions. Often the appearance of the fingers reflects the work of these organs.


thumb – lungs,
forefinger – colon,
middle finger – vital energy, heart and reproductive function,
ring finger – the activity of metabolism and the release of excess energy from the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe heart, stomach, intestines,
little finger– Heart and small intestine.


first finger (thumb) – spleen, pancreas,
second finger – stomach,
third finger – stomach and duodenum
fourth finger – gallbladder
fifth finger – urinary bladder.

You can identify malfunctions in the digestive system using palms:open your palm and firmly press your fingers together – if there are gaps between the fingers, then something is wrong. The presence of warts on the hands also indicates the same ailment. And if you open your palm and feel pain in its center, then you can assume a general mental and physical fatigue.

In general, people with warts have a predisposition to the development of tumors, cysts, oncological diseases, diseases of the urinary system.

Many are able to tell nailson the arms and legs. For example, white dots and transverse stripes on the nails indicate neuroses. Longitudinal stripes indicate bowel disease.

But the color of the nails can tell about a specific disease:

blue – heart failure,
dirty gray – congenital syphilis,
yellow – liver diseases: hepatitis, cirrhosis,
dark brown – severe fever,
yellow-green – suppurative process in the body,
red – arrhythmia, blood disease,
pale pink – anemia
yellow spots on the nails – brain disorders.

A person with short flat nails often has heart problems, elongated nails indicate a predisposition to diabetes.

The eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also of the body.Tearing of the eyes indicates a deficiency of potassium in the body, dilated pupils indicate nervousness and anxiety. Redness of the eyes indicates a violation of blood pressure, often intracerebral.

By the shape of the eyes, one can easily determine the psychological portrait.

Round eyescharacteristic of quick-tempered natures, but these outbreaks are not for long. Round eyes never happen to vengeful people.

Slanted almond eyestalking about hardness. So, at least, they thought in the old days. And now it is readily admitted that such eyes testify to the subtleties of nature and sensitivity.

almond eyeswith the edge lowered down, they give out a tendency to melancholy. Their owners love to play sports.

Deep set eyestalk about a rich inner world. People with such eyes tend to analyze everything and treat others with distrust.

bulging eyesreflect a pronounced sensitivity and the predominance of common sense.

By the appearance of the nose, it is easy to determine the degree of similarity to the parents. Moreover, on the left side of the face and body, the influence of the paternal line is manifested, and on the right – the maternal line. The father more often endows his child with intellectual, ideological and social activity, and the mother – physical and emotional.

So, if you find yourself in the first signs of any disease, immediately consult a doctor. The sooner you do this, the easier, more effective, faster and more painless the treatment itself will be.

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