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Even children know that calcium is essential for teeth and bones. And also for clean skin, beautiful nails and hair – all women know this. But only specialists can make this very calcium “work”.

I recently went to the dentist and had my teeth filled. And here you are: the upper root collapsed. And then an old shoulder injury made itself felt. In general, again go to the doctors.

I interviewed old acquaintances and one of them – my friend, a pilot-cosmonaut – advised me to contact clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine.

The name somehow puzzled me, but a friend assured me that they literally put him on his feet there. Such a trouble with the joints happened – he could not walk. And after all where only did not address!

The main thing is the control system

It turned out that there is nothing wrong with the words “cybernetic medicine”.

Cybernetics in Greek – “the art of management” – is the science of the general laws of receiving, storing, transmitting and processing information, including in the human body.

Clinic specialists consider the whole organism as a whole, and not each sore separately. That is, not only the disease itself is treated, but also its causes.

After I passed the examination, he kindly agreed to answer my questions. head of the therapeutic department Vladimir Markovsky.

  • Judging by the results of the tests, you have a markedly elevated parathyroid hormone.
  • Anxiety symptom. The fact is that thyroid and the parathyroid glands interspersed in it are responsible for the level of phosphorus-calcium metabolism.

Thyroid hormone – calcitonin – promotes the absorption of calcium.

And the hormone of the parathyroid glands – parathormone – on the contrary, actively removes it.

Meanwhile, the level of calcium in the blood should be constant, if it is low, the risk of myocardial infarction increases dramatically.

And the regulatory system of our body goes to great lengths to normalize the content of the mineral in the blood, “taking” it from the skeleton, muscles and even tooth enamel.

  • Have you thought about why? After giving birth, the body needs rest, and instead, the long-awaited baby wakes up 10 times a night.

In such conditions, the thyroid gland, together with the adrenal glands, work “with the last of their strength.”

And for a year and a half of such “overtime” work, as a rule, thyroid dysfunction occurs.

For this reason, by the way, women and musculoskeletal diseases occur 6 times more often than men.

So I would strongly recommend that all new mothers take a course of our rehabilitation therapy.

This will also allow you to avoid those age-related problems that come with menopause in the future.

During pregnancy, the thyroid gland almost doubles in size.

In ancient Greece, a hoop necklace was put on a young wife’s neck, and when it became tight, they announced that she was expecting a baby.

  • Necessarily. And not only to her. We consider all musculoskeletal diseases as a consequence of metabolic disorders with subsequent activation of infections present in the body.

Therefore, we treat according to the following scheme: first, we normalize the work of the neuroendocrine (control) system.

Then we move on to anti-inflammatory therapy of the kidneys and musculoskeletal tissue. And only after that we begin to give our patients calcium.

  • They advertise really actively, but the trouble is that the main criterion for calcium preparations – biological digestibility – does not exceed 8%.

Of the 300 known drugs, we found less than a dozen in which the absorption of calcium is 60-95%.

Using them, we allow the body to “fill up” the pores in the bones formed as a result of calcium loss, strengthen muscles, tooth enamel, etc.

To date, we have examined and treated more than two thousand people with diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, coxarthrosis, osteochondrosis spine, etc…

  • Yes, his case was not easy – he could not move without outside help. In the department, he was nicknamed the Tin Woodman …

Luckily, this story had a happy ending. We carefully examined him according to the program. “Life Without Joint Pain” based “Gold standard of diagnostics”.

Chronic infections were identified and anti-inflammatory therapy was precisely selected.

And then, having treated the kidneys and the musculoskeletal system, they used a successful combination of calcium preparations …

The condition of your friend began to noticeably improve, the step length increased from ten centimeters to the normal seventy.

A month later, the former Tin Woodman left the clinic, forgetting about crutches.

Knowledge is power!

  • These are magnetoturbotrons of various designs – unique devices.

They create vortex magnetic fields that effectively affect the human body.

As a result, blood pressure normalizes, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are exerted.

  • The arsenal of drugs and techniques used by a rheumatologist in the 21st century is truly unique.

Today it is possible to effectively treat what seemed impossible even 10 years ago. But, nevertheless, do not flatter yourself.

It must be remembered that musculoskeletal diseases are inertial, it is necessary to stock up on patience for both the patient and the attending physician, because only in joint painstaking work will it be possible to establish control over the disease.

And those who have been treated in our clinic should understand that after many years of illness, the body must again get used to its normal healthy state.

At this time, we do not leave our patients unattended: we consult or come to their homes.

And now we have introduced a new service – attachment for constant monitoring throughout the year. So together we can achieve stable results for a long period.

Prepared by Sergey LENOV

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