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The infamous family from Khabarovsk took a remedy containing Trichinella larvae. Most likely, people did not suspect that they were taking parasites. In general, in this situation there are more questions than answers, he believes Konstantin Shcheglov, physician-therapist of the department of unloading and dietary therapy of the Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center MEDSI “Otradnoye”: “Some kind of veterinarian who takes on the treatment of people, his own “vaccine” is unknown for what, live Trichinella larvae obtained from somewhere.”

Why do people trust dubious “folk methods”

Why do these kinds of things happen more and more often? They were not uncommon before. Firstly, due to dissatisfaction with the results of treatment with conventional medical methods. We know that many diseases are chronic and never completely cured. At the same time, many patients, due to the significant influence of the media, in such cases begin to believe in the effectiveness of the so-called “folk” remedies – sometimes, alas, at the cost of their own health.

Secondly, qualified medical care is far from always available, especially in the regions. Therefore, people, not wanting to waste time visiting a specialist, who sometimes needs to go to an appointment in another locality, self-medicate and turn to alternative means for help.

In my practice, there were cases when I observed both positive and negative results of such treatment. Here we must understand that there are no good or bad methods of treatment. There are unqualified performers. Any effect that leads to a change in the state of the body can be used for treatment. The question is time, place and dose. Anything that can be medicine can also be poison. Therefore, only a person who is qualified and experienced in the treatment of a particular remedy can undertake the treatment of patients. In inexperienced hands, any treatment can lead to the opposite of the expected results. And the stronger the treatment, the more dangerous it is.

What is the difference between “traditional medicine” and real

Yulia Chernyadyeva, cardiologist at the MEDSI Clinic on Solyanka: “I often ask my patients about such topics concerning the“ good advice ”of acquaintances on the treatment of a particular disease: what is the difference between a neighbor / veterinarian / work colleague who recommended a certain medicine, from, in fact, a doctor? The main difference is that they are not responsible for what they recommend (unlike a doctor). Such advice is given for various purposes: it can be done by someone with the best intentions (“It helped me, and it will help you”), and someone from outright self-serving – for example, various healers, as well as sellers of nutritional supplements, many of which work on the principle of multi-level marketing. The doctor, on the other hand, has the right to treat patients and, most importantly, bears full responsibility for what he has prescribed. And in his appointments, the doctor is guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine, in which, as we understand, there are no and cannot be any vaccines against trichinella and similar “miraculous” methods of treatment.”

It cannot be said that such cases of self-treatment acquire the character of a stable trend. There has always been a certain segment of the population, tuned to conditionally folk medicine.

So why buy more dietary supplements, and not medicines that have proven their effectiveness as a result of clinical trials? If we take any drug, even the same aspirin, and read the list of side effects and contraindications, it will be two pages long. And the extract of the magic herb is possible for everyone and from everything. Why is that? Because studies have been conducted with this drug, which included thousands of patients around the world. If at least one in 10 thousand patients has a side effect, the manufacturing company is obliged to indicate it. A side effect, in principle, can be anything. Take a carton of milk – what a terrible thing! And milk protein is there, and lactose … – someone can have anaphylactic shock! But for some reason, there are no instructions on 2 sheets for a package of milk.

If the drug interferes with metabolism, that is, it works, of course, side effects are possible. And if everyone can do it and there are no side effects, then the drug does not work in the body. Did it help? Nobody canceled the placebo effect.

In many ways, the passion of many folk remedies can be explained by an indestructible faith in a miracle. A person, in essence, is lazy and wants, without making any effort, by drinking a wonderful pill, to be cured immediately and of everything. And, of course, something like “forgotten grandmother’s recipe”, “secret of ancient priests”, etc., should have such miraculous properties. Everyone has ever come across texts on the Internet with “screaming” headlines: “My grandfather took THIS and retained potency up to 100 years!” – and then a link to the “miracle drug”. That’s the trouble, most often there is no quality medicine in the regions, or it is far away, there is nowhere to go, but there is the Internet. A person goes there – for help, advice, treatment. And he comes out with the appropriate attitude and result.

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Examples of treatment with “folk methods”: the opinion of doctors

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