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The action of raw natural juices is truly unique. In addition to the fact that they have a refreshing and restorative effect on our body, they also have the properties of biogenic stimulants, which ultimately leads to increased efficiency.

Useful properties of juices:

  • refresh on a hot day and quench thirst;

  • improve digestion;

  • increase the body’s resistance to various diseases;

  • improve the activity of endocrine glands;

  • increase metabolism;

  • act as biostimulants and restorers for fatigue and various diseases;

  • have a general strengthening effect;

  • replenish the deficiency of microelements and minerals in the body.

Modern science knows more than three dozen different vitamins, which in essence are catalysts for all chemical processes occurring in the body. Most of them enter our body with animal and plant foods. However, the problem is that to get their daily norm, we would have to eat a huge amount of food – their concentration is so small.

Juices are concentrated vegetables or fruitsand, accordingly, the content of useful substances in them grows many times in comparison with the fruits themselves (however, at the same time, say, the content of sugars grows many times, which is similar to death for diabetics).

According to their action, juices are divided into:

diuretics– apricot, watermelon, grape, pear, strawberry, carrot, celery and rosehip juice;

anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiseptic– pomegranate, onion, horseradish juice, garlic, apple;

choleretic– apricot, cabbage, peach, parsley and rosehip juice;

laxatives– beetroot, apricot, grape, potato, carrot, plum, melon juice;

reinforcing– pomegranate, cherry juice;

improving digestion– cabbage, carrot, beetroot, horseradish juice;

lowering blood pressure– grape, strawberry, tomato, black ashberry juice;

tonic– apricot, grape, strawberry, peach, tomato, cherry juice.

In fact, the action of each juice is multifaceted.

How to take juices?

The rule here is simple: if you have low or normal acidity of gastric juice, then you should drink juices 30-40 minutes before meals. In the event that the acidity of gastric juice is increased, then 1.5 hours before meals, a glass of juice.

In addition, juices that help to lose weight and promote the removal of toxins from the body are used for fasting days. These days you need to take 1.5 – 2 liters of various juices.

Try to prepare juices in small portions and drink them immediately, because the vitamins and enzymes contained in them are destroyed very quickly by oxygen, and after a while your freshly squeezed juice becomes just a pleasant drink to quench your thirst.

Only in rare cases is it worth removing the skin from fruits and vegetables, since it is preciselyin the “subcutaneous” layer, the largest amount of vitamins is concentrated.

Fresh juices should be drunk in very small sips, slowly, trying to mix them with saliva, which allows maximum absorption of nutrients through the mucous membranes.

Freshly made juices are often not available due to lack of time and money. Therefore, canned juices, which are very much on store shelves today, should not be abandoned.

Of course, such juices will not replace fresh ones, but their beneficial effect, albeit to a lesser extent, is preserved.

You can enhance the beneficial qualities of canned juice if you add at least a little freshly squeezed lemon juice (in citrus, fruit, vegetable), or carrot juice (in vegetable and apple), or apple juice (in fruit, vegetable) to it before use.

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