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How is life with this diagnosis?

Alas, Down syndrome is not uncommon – according to various sources, one child with this genetic anomaly is born for every 700-800 children. It is believed that the extra chromosome most often the child inherits from the mother. Moreover, neither the lifestyle nor the health of the parents have an influence on this fact – a genetic failure occurs. A deviation can be detected even in the first trimester, and then a woman can decide to get rid of the fetus. In most cases, this is what happens. There are many parents who refuse newborns with such a diagnosis, and then they end up in orphanages. But, of course, there are those who do not refuse babies with this pathology, but embark on the difficult path of their upbringing and adaptation.

It’s no secret that society is still wary of children with Down syndrome. These children often cannot study in a regular school, take part in games with their peers on an equal footing. It is believed that it is more difficult for them to adapt to adult life later, to start a family. No one will argue that this is really not easy, but with constant care, such children can live quite a normal life: study in inclusive classes, be creative, work.

Evelina Bledans: son will become an artist

Speaking of children with Down syndrome in celebrity families, Evelina Bledans is the first to come to mind. The actress does a lot to ensure that her followers learn about the life of children with a similar diagnosis. Moreover, they did not sympathize with them, but observed that such a diagnosis is not a sentence for the family – it’s just that the child requires much more attention.

Bledans and her then-husband learned about the diagnosis of their son after screening and decided to leave the baby. April 1, Semyon will be nine years old – he goes to school, is engaged in fine arts, English, swimming. Evelina actively takes the boy to social events, because he has long been accustomed to attention. According to the artist, the main mission of her son is “to form a positive public opinion in Russia about” special “children.” At any holiday, Semyon takes pictures with everyone and communicates. Moreover, it is easier for him to find a common language with adults – peers do not always understand his imperfect speech. Evelina Bledans has repeatedly said in an interview that, perhaps, her son will become an artist, since he likes the attention of the public and he does not hang out on stage.

Khakamada taught her daughter the main thing: communication with the world

Even earlier, Irina Khakamada began to talk about her daughter with such a diagnosis. Now her Masha is 22 years old. The ex-presidential candidate of Russia gave birth to a girl at the age of 42. At the fifth month with the father of the child, they learned the diagnosis – they decided to give birth. Moreover, in America, where mothers and children at that time could definitely provide great support. Khakamada emphasizes that her daughter went to an ordinary kindergarten, but until the age of seven she studied with Professor Elena Strebeleva, who was one of the first in our country to practice the method of working with such children. Then Masha went to a regular high school, where she studied until the eighth grade. After, at the insistence of the professor, the girl was sent to study at a specialized college. According to Khakamada, she taught her daughter the main thing – the ability to communicate with people. Mom taught Masha to introduce herself everywhere and conduct smol-currents (short small talk). If offended at school, taught to “give in the eye.” Now Masha has a boyfriend, she plays in performances, owns pottery, takes part in fashion shows.

Khilkevich almost became a victim of a false diagnosis

Many people think that the daughter of Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk also has a daughter with Down syndrome. In fact, this is not so: in several recent interviews, the director said that his daughter has cerebral palsy. He also stressed that the girl lives and studies at home, in Russia. Before that, there were persistent rumors that Varvara was living abroad, where she was provided with the necessary care. According to the director and the young father (recently, the current wife gave birth to his son), the daughter was abroad only for the time of the necessary operations, and she receives all the necessary care and attention at home.

Actress Anna Khilkevich recently told subscribers that during her second pregnancy, she had previously received a “verdict” – perhaps the child has Down syndrome. The suspicion arose after the baby’s nose in the womb seemed too small to the ultrasound specialist – one of the signs of pathology. The star of the series “Univer” went through several painful weeks before the preliminary diagnosis was not confirmed. Anna assures at the same time that she would give birth to a daughter with any screening result.

The main task of parents

In the West, many celebrities are raising children with a similar diagnosis. Not all of them are known to the Russian public, but you probably heard about the star of the TV series “Clinic” John C. McGinley, who is raising an adult son with Down syndrome. The actor calls himself a “parent with a megaphone” – he is a representative of the World Foundation for People with Down Syndrome. He constantly talks about how he gets along with his son, what are the features of his upbringing. The father takes the young man to many social events. But much more Max loves surfing and ocean waves.

All parents of children with a voiced diagnosis have different opportunities, but exactly the same tasks. All of them want to adapt children to adult life, teach them to communicate, help them find their place in life. The main dream of many is to make sure that after the departure of their parents, their special, or as they are also called “sunny”, children continue to live and help other families where children with the same diagnosis grow up.


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