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… A long and passionate kiss of the heroes of the movie novel is the final chord of the love story. That’s all, the end of the film and you can continue to do other things, mentally scrolling through the plot of the melodrama you like. And at the same time, think about a kiss – this simple and sensual “language” of love, understandable to all lovers. How much one has to read, for example, about the hygiene of this means of expressing feelings! Doctors say that infectious diseases are transmitted through a kiss, even caries, it turns out, can be infected. Psychologists conclusively write about the invaluable emotional impact of a kiss for a person. Immunologists also do not give a reason for frustration and almost sing a hymn to him, arguing that a kiss is an excellent stimulant to increase immunity …

Convincing are the unanimous arguments of scientists from many countries that …

Well, the benefits of fiery and long kisses for lovers of different ages are obvious: kissers are guaranteed a therapeutic effect and a solid portion of pleasure at the same time. But remember that all these useful characteristics come from a passionate and desirable kiss, and not from a kiss in general – probably, in the absence of strong feelings, impudent ubiquitous microbes fully feel like masters of the situation.

Reflections on a kiss are interesting not only from a physiological point of view, but also from other positions.

Suppose, in a historical perspective, there are also views on a kiss. In ancient Rome, there was an original law: if the betrothed bride and groom exchanged a kiss and one of them died after that, the survivor inherited half the fortune of the deceased. If the couple got engaged without closing their lips in a kiss of love, then relatives became the heirs of the inheritance. According to the same law, a married woman who did not escape the kiss of an outsider was unconditionally deprived of her entire dowry in favor of her husband.

From the standpoint of ethnography, such examples can be given that characterize the national characteristics of a kiss among the peoples of the world.

Recognizing the great power behind kisses, psychologists advise married couples with a solid experience of living together to try to stir up the swamp of marital love with a “splash of renewed feelings”. Indeed, after so many years spent together, their sharpness, alas, is inevitably lost. But you can try to stop the “beautiful moment”. One has only to look deeply into the eyes of a spouse, touch his cheek with his fingertips, run his hand through his hair and, of course, bestow a long and promising kiss.

In Alexei Tolstoy’s novel “The Lame Master”, the main character, each time being alone with his beloved woman in the twilight of the bedroom, “to feel that she was not dreaming of him, touched her with his lips and forgot himself in a kiss, closing his eyes …”. The power of the impact on lovers of a passionate kiss is enormous, and there is no need to resist it, to extinguish the “fire of secret desires” in oneself. Relax, open your lips and respond to sincere manifestations of your partner’s feelings. Not a single man will remain indifferent to you, having drunk a sip of love from your lips. Mm, what a good kiss!

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