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Well, here it is: the usual troubles begin! Who is unfamiliar with unpleasant puffy and itchy sores on the lips during a cold? In childhood, they cause surprise, in youth – tears for temporarily lost beauty, in maturity – philosophical indifference. But in any case, we are indifferent to these short-term troubles: it will scratch and be forgotten, there are more serious problems. And in vain!

After all, herpes at any moment can occur not in the usual and most harmless place – near the mouth, but on the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, eyes, and genital organs. Herpes is, in fact, a virus (akin to AIDS) and, once it enters our body, it can “surface” in the most unexpected place and at the most inopportune time. And then the harm from it can no longer be called purely cosmetic. However, everything is in order …

herpes virus enters the human body in various ways. You can get it even in the womb, if during pregnancy she, also once infected, had an exacerbation of the genital form of herpes. Joyful kisses of relatives can also give the baby an infection. Through touch, shared utensils, and other close contacts, you can pick up facial herpes at any stage of life. Its genital form belongs to sexually transmitted diseases, and occurs almost more often than gonorrhea.

In addition, despite the difference between the two types of herpes (facial, which prefers to settle on the mucous surfaces of the lips, eyes, nose; and genital, affecting mainly the genitals), they easily intersect. That is, once in an unusual environment, both facial and genital herpes will not wither, but will start to multiply further. Moreover, they will not neglect at all unusual habitats: the surface of the back, abdomen, chest – in a word, any part of the body, wherever their frivolous whim of the owner takes them.

Herpes multiplies mainly during an exacerbation (and very often in such vile autumn slush, when the body’s immune system is already weakened). Signs of its onset are the occurrence of a feeling of tingling or numbness, itching and burning of the skin. In just a few hours, small bubbles appear on the reddened skin, which quickly burst and release a huge amount of viruses into the environment. During this period, a person is especially contagious. But still, microscopic viruses do not fly: for infection, close contact with the sore itself is necessary – kisses, touches. At this time, it is not difficult for the patient himself to spread the infection to other parts of his body.

As you can see, getting your own herpes is very easy. That is why more than 90 percent (!) of the inhabitants of the earth are carriers of his facial form. If you have had a fever on your lips at least once in your life, you can safely classify yourself as one of this figure.

But getting rid of herpes, alas, is impossible. Once introduced into the body, the virus does not leave it until the end of life. Once in the body in any way, herpes penetrates into the sensitive nodes of the nervous system, where it settles and begins to multiply, “marrying” with the occupied cell. And there is no longer any possibility to knock out a malicious virus from there.

However, often herpes, having settled in us, behaves quite quietly. Someone does not remember sores for years, others suffer from them several times a month (that is, almost continuously); and sometimes the appearance of “harmless” ulcers is accompanied by weakness, chills and fever.

All these differences are possible because the constant invisible fight against herpes is the body’s immune system. We owe it only to her that, being virus carriers, we remain healthy for some part of the time. If the body’s immunity is strong, you may not remember herpes for years. But as soon as it weakens, the virus flourishes in full bloom.

And this, I repeat, threatens us not only with cosmetic defects on the face. If it hits the cornea of ​​the eye, it can lead to blindness. Genital herpes sometimes leads to a deterioration in the quality or even the complete impossibility of sexual activity. And neglected, it becomes the cause of infertility. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women and newborns.

During pregnancy in the early stages, according to world statistics, exacerbation of the genital form of herpes is the cause of miscarriage in 25 percent of cases, and in the later stages – already in 50 percent. And herpes in newborns is a disease that leads to the death of a baby in 85 percent.

This is how, somehow imperceptibly, from a harmless sore on the lips, herpes turned into a formidable disease. And since it is impossible to cure it, as already mentioned, all modern advances in medicine are aimed at preventing it from multiplying, that is, eliminating exacerbations.

Already exist today drugs that practically nullify the manifestations of the disease and prevent it from spreading throughout the body. This is the well-known “Zavirax”, as well as “Acyclovir” and “Virolex”. True, in addition to a fairly high price, they have another drawback. Namely, very large doses necessary for effectiveness. Taking a smaller amount of the drug (saving money or sparing the body), you will not achieve the desired effect on a malicious virus. And for a long time, sometimes for years, using drugs in prescribed amounts, you can “plant” the kidneys and achieve complete baldness. In addition, few self-medication lovers know that the notorious “Zavirax” is not only smeared on the lip, but also taken intravenously, in pills, while distinguishing which, for example, is for the eyes, and which, for what else.

So do not self-medicate. In case of damage to the eyes, contact an ophthalmologist, the genitourinary system – to a urologist or venereologist. Most importantly, support your immune system. In the fight against herpes, we do not yet have a more reliable, affordable and selfless assistant.


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