Late or early pregnancy: which is more dangerous

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Elderly primiparous

If 20 years ago, in obstetrics textbooks, the term “old primiparous” referred to women who gave birth at 28, now the age limits have changed significantly, doctors show increased alertness to women in labor from 35 years and older, and the insulting term is not used at all.

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Of course, it is more physiological to plan childbirth from 20 to 30 years. But when a pregnancy (planned or accidental) occurs after forty, even if it is the first, doctors help to keep it.

Of course, with age, the supply of eggs (ovarian reserve) is exhausted, and of the remaining ones, not everyone is able to conceive, and, unfortunately, among them there are really many “damaged” ones, leading to genetic abnormalities. This explains the higher frequency of hereditary diseases in children born from “too adult” parents.

What does this tell us? That pregnancy outside the “physiological norm” must be carefully planned! Actually, you need to plan at any age. But after 40 years, the need for preconception preparation becomes absolute.

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