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In vain Marlene Dietrich started the fashion for women’s trousers! They do a disservice to some of us. After all, under trousers you can easily hide a terrible disease that disfigures women’s legs. And since the woman herself does not see this, and no one sees this, it means that you can not go to the doctor either. Perhaps for the same reason, men do not go to the phlebologist to the last. They bring their legs to such a terrible state that doctors only shrug their hands. Thick, rough bluish skin on the lower leg or even non-healing ulcers is not uncommon among the stronger sex.

Women are more attentive to themselves. They immediately notice if something is wrong with the legs. Fatigue, heaviness in the legs, especially in the evening, are the first signs of venous congestion. Violet-red capillaries or a sudden blue pattern of veins is another sign. varicose veins. Some women at this stage buy special slimming underwear or go to a beautician to urgently fix ugly places.

Unfortunately, these measures are only temporary. Underwear to some extent helps to maintain the tone of the veins at the initial stage of varicose veins, but does not stop its development. The condition of the veins continues to deteriorate in therapeutic tights. And sooner or later, ugly knots will still come out to the surface. And it would be fine if these knots only spoiled the appearance of the legs. These areas are deadly!

A varicose vein is a place where the venous wall has stretched too much and formed, as it were, pockets. In them, the blood practically stands, and its cells stick together, stick to the wall of the vein, form large tangles, which further delay the blood flow.

Blood clots can “sleep” for a long time. A person walks and does not know that mortal danger constantly hangs over him. And some nonsense can wake up a blood clot. I accidentally hit a knot, inflammation began in it and a blood clot was torn off from its place. Or he got very nervous, the blood boiled with excitement and destroyed the dam from the blood clot.

Such a thrombus rushes straight into the pulmonary vessel and blocks it. And what is behind this? Death! Because without oxygen, a person can live only a few minutes.

That is why varicose veins should not be started, and treatment should be started as early as possible. But how to be treated? Of course, leeches.

Hirudotherapy – a method that has been tested not only for centuries, but for millennia! In ancient times, almost all diseases were treated only with leeches. And not because the doctors were then illiterate.

On the contrary, we have now forgotten that nature has already provided us with all the medicines. And these medicines are special, carefully adapted to a living organism. They will not poison the kidneys or liver, bacteria and viruses will never get used to them, and you don’t have to worry too much about an overdose, because the body itself will take the natural substance as much as it needs, the rest will be excreted without any harm.

Leech saliva contains about a hundred biologically active substances, and each of them, if necessary, can act as a medicine.

For example, the enzyme hyaluronidase plays a very important role in the treatment of varicose veins. It dissolves blood clots and eliminates mortal danger. Moreover, leeches relieve not only those blood clots that already exist, but even work for the future. Blood under the influence of saliva changes its properties in such a way that blood clots simply cannot form in it.

Women, and men too, are terribly afraid of a leech bite. They think it is a very painful procedure. Don’t worry, you will hardly feel anything, as nature has taken care of the anesthesia as well. Leech saliva contains a special anesthetic substance. Some women even get high when the teeth of a leech lightly pinch the skin. And they are ready to give themselves up “to be torn apart” again and again.

Leech saliva strengthens the walls of blood vessels. The venous wall becomes more elastic, tightens. And not just in the legs. The blood flow carries saliva substances throughout the circulatory system, so the vessels of the heart, brain, and other organs receive treatment.

Of course from hirudotherapy a vein the size of a finger will not turn into a thread. But don’t wait for them to swell to such a disgrace! The sooner you come to the doctor, the better and more aesthetic the results of the treatment will be.

At hirudotherapy sessions, even immunity can be strengthened. A leech bite causes the lymphatic system to produce more lymphocytes, the killer cells. And those in the most secluded corners of the body will make their way and smoke out all the infection from there. If your varicose veins are accompanied by some gynecological infections and inflammations, leeches will also treat this.

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