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All women’s publications are filled with post-New Year’s advice: here are recipes for a hangover syndrome; and a magical remedy to restore “virgin freshness” to the face after three sleepless nights, and to a heavy body – its former lightness in a couple of days and much more. However, despite all the efforts, we are hard to get out of the “state of holidays” – that is, the continuous feasts characteristic of the mysterious Russian soul. Well, we can’t just go on a visit to drink tea! That’s why you have to look for miracle recipes for losing weight after the “vacation for the diet”: what if it helps?

However, it’s not just about extra pounds: even if we managed to stay in the same shape, we feel a certain heaviness and blame ourselves for the passion for good food. After all, we read, we know how harmful it is to eat smoked and boiled food at the same time, mix carbohydrates with proteins, and what alcohol does to the liver is suicide in general …

But since we committed all the listed sins anyway, the best option for clearing our conscience (and at the same time the body groaning from toxins) is to go to the bathhouse!

The bath soars, the bath rules

We know a lot about the positive effect of the bath from childhood, from Russian folk tales and stories of parents, grandparents. Scientists also do not skimp on compliments: academician N.R. Tarkhanov said that no type of physiotherapy can be compared with the heat of the bath. There are dozens of receptors on the surface of the skin, which, receiving bath heat, give rise to numerous reactions in the body. Bath heat accelerates metabolic processes. The skin receives heat and releases it with sweat. When sweat appeared, it means that the process of liberation from toxins has begun. From this point on, the heat is tolerated more and more easily. Bath improves the work of the heart, blood supply to all, without exception, organs. For every gram of sweat that evaporates, our body burns over 80 calories.. In addition, the bath is an excellent breathing exercise and the fight against disease-causing organisms. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be prescribed a bath by any local therapist. Alas, there are contraindications: heart disease, hyperthyroidism, varicose veins, some diseases of the respiratory system and skin. Everyone else, please! (I want to remind you that this is not about a sauna, but about a bath. – Author)

Rules of behavior

in the bath are simple: here you can’t rush, drink alcohol and quarrel. You can’t go to the bath hungry, as well as with a full stomach. The first entry into the steam room – no more than five minutes. After each entry, you need to rest, you can take a shower. Three sets with ten to fifteen minute breaks is the best option. It is best to start the “mastering” of the steam room from the second shelf. Many people like to smear the body with honey, a mixture of beer and salt, but flowing in sweet (or salty) streams is probably not the best option. Also, essential oils should not be abused: it is better to use not the oils themselves, but their water tinctures or herbal decoctions. And it is better to splash the solution not on hot stones, but on wooden benches and walls – although everything here depends on personal desire.

What to take with you?

It is best to go to the bath in a small group. In order not to be tempted to mark this event “as it should be” and not to end up in the city on the Neva, at your Moscow address, in the apartment of a certain lonely citizen Nadia. Take one to the bath – the only girlfriend.

Second most important item: headdress, because overheating the head is highly undesirable and even dangerous. A hat made of natural wool, a scarf or a cotton towel will do.

Next on the list: soap, shampoo, massager, terry sheet, natural washcloth, steam bath mat, shoes, nourishing cream and, of course, a broom.

What kind of broom is that?

The most useful are birch and oak. Due to their aromatic properties, they provide the release of toxins, well disperse subcutaneous fat and relieve fatigue. Alder broom helps with pain in the joints and muscles.

It should be recalled that dry brooms cannot be steamed with boiling water – at first it is better to hold them in warm water, then top up with hot water and cover. Although each “bath fan” has his own, exclusive recipe.

How to make steam easy?

To do this, pour boiling water on the stones little by little, 100-200 grams each. If water is poured in large portions, then it settles down with heavy steam, the steam burns the skin, the cardiovascular system is overloaded and the vapers feel tired. Such steam is called “raw”, “heavy”.

On the road

At the end of the procedure, you feel unusual lightness in the body and pleasant fatigue. And I’m also very thirsty! No wonder, because in one procedure the body loses so much fluid! The best way to quench your thirst: tea. Although, for example, I don’t like tea at all and drink cranberry juice cooled to room temperature. However, each of us knows and feels that it is useful and pleasant for him – decoctions of mint, chamomile, lemonade, juices are suitable. But beer and a glass of wine put off until the next holidays. And now – collect your things and flying gait – home!

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