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Hands can be said to be the most important part of the female body. Not only do they work all day long (whether it’s moving a computer mouse or flipping through fashion magazines), they are exposed to harmful chemicals, wash frequently (which is harmful in itself), come into contact with a sea of ​​germs, and get injured. And it would be fine if only the beauty of well-groomed female hands was lost. But the most unpleasant thing is that our hands often hurt, get irritated, “itch” and “burn” from all this. Therefore, if you do not want your hands to bring you suffering, everyday care for them should be especially thorough. Especially after a long winter with all its adverse factors.

We will immediately give you a simple but very effective old recipe of our grandmothers. Withered and wrinkled skin again becomes elastic and soft, if you rub a mixture of one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of oatmeal into it overnight. Then put on cotton gloves. In addition, it is useful to rub warm vegetable oil and any nourishing cream into the skin of the hands.

Let’s start the morning with self-massage: as soon as you wake up, start. In a circular motion, massage each finger and joint separately – as if putting on a glove. This maintains the elasticity and mobility of the joints, and the skin receives additional nutrients. Then move on to massage the back of the hand: from the fingers to the wrist. Grasping the wrist, continue to massage the hands, rising to the elbow, then to the shoulder. Make several movements with the brushes, shake them, rotate them alternately to the right and left, clench and unclench your fists, imitate playing the piano.

Now you can move on to self-massage of the forearms and shoulders. Stretch your hand, clench your fingers into a fist. With short rhythmic strokes with the edge of the palm of the other hand, tap on the outstretched one: from the fingers to the armpits. First on the inner, and then on its outer surface. To increase blood circulation, make quick light pinching from the bottom up with two fingers: thumb and forefinger. This will raise the tone of the muscles, especially the shoulder muscles, which weaken and sag with age.

Preventing the appearance of wrinkles on the hands, do the following exercise. Lean your hands on the table, fold your palms at chest level as for prayer. Try to bend the connected thumbs as low as possible, keeping the rest of the fingers in their original position. Do every day 10 times.

Do you often have to fiddle with water, wash and clean? And you stubbornly refuse to use rubber gloves? But in vain! They are not that uncomfortable, you just need to get used to them. Little secret: before putting on gloves, grease your hands with glycerin. After you finish dirty or chemically hazardous work and take off your gloves, the skin on your hands will become soft and smooth.

If you did handle water or chemicals without gloves, wash your hands with warm water and high-fat soap containing lanolin (“Baby”, “Cosmetic”, “Lanolin”, etc.) After washing, hands should be softened. To do this, it is good to rub any nourishing cream or liquid emulsion creams, milk, cream into still damp skin.

Another way is a starch bath. It is done like this: a teaspoon of starch is diluted with a glass of water, the resulting paste is diluted with warm water to a liter volume. Hands are kept in this solution (you can directly in a liter jar in which the “paste” was diluted) for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water, apply a little cream on wet skin.

In autumn and winter, some women experience bluish spots, swelling, and even erosion on their fingers and hands from hypothermia.. This trouble is intensified if you have ever had frostbite on your hands or fingers. For treatment, you need to make warm baths of bird cherry bark (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) or alum (20 g per 1 liter of water) every day.

If the skin is rough, has become rough, take baths once or twice a week from sauerkraut juice, whey, potato broth. The above starch bath is very useful for hands if the skin on them is dry, rough.

Have corns appeared? Make warm soap and soda baths with the addition of ammonia: per liter of water – a teaspoon of baking soda (soda can not be added to rain or snow water), two teaspoons of ammonia, a teaspoon of soap powder or liquid cosmetic soap. Keep your hands in such a bath for 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry and rub the dead skin with a pumice stone.

Cracks often appear on the hands. In addition to the use of nourishing masks and disinfectant baths, we also need good nutrition: foods rich in vitamin A (bell peppers, cabbage, butter, milk, fish) and vitamin E (peas, parsley).

BUT if your hands sweat? It is unpleasant and you suffer from it. Try this bath: for 1 liter of water – 3 teaspoons of table vinegar. You need to keep your hands in such a bath for 5 minutes. Vinegar tightens skin pores.

If your hands are red, then you should check your blood pressure.. Redness is helped by daily hand baths in lightly salted water. Then they need to be smeared with lemon cream or any other rich in vitamin A.

In any case, you should not let things take their course, hoping that everything will work itself out. The more carefully we treat our pens, the more pleasure they will give us and the less trouble they will bring in the future.

Nadezhda SUBCHEVA, pharmacist.

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