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The action of raw natural juices is truly unique. In addition to the fact that they have a refreshing and restorative effect on our body, they also have the properties of biogenic stimulants, which ultimately leads to increased efficiency. Such a diverse effect of juices is explained by the fact that they almost do not require energy costs for absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and are immediately included in the metabolism, activate biochemical processes, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the recovery process in the body. In addition, juices have a beneficial effect on digestion and assimilation of food. In general, a solid elixir of beauty and youth.

Almost all vegetable juices have the ability to correct the acid-base balance of the blood, disturbed during tedious work. This is due to the predominance of alkaline residues in them. Juices increase the activity of enzymes and metabolism, ensure the neutralization of “fatigue toxins” and their removal from the body.

It must be said that various plants from which juices are prepared, to one degree or another, themselves possess one of the above properties and retain them in juices. So, for example, the juice from the fruits of Chinese lemongrass better helps to endure adverse external conditions. Sea buckthorn and carrot juices are distinguished by powerful antioxidant properties. And the juice from grapes and gooseberries is the richest in organic acids that stimulate metabolism. Phytohormones are found in licorice juice, and the largest amount of pectins is found in carrot, apple and beet nectar (juice with pulp). Pectins bind the products of decay and fermentation in the intestines, so they are useful for the body, increase its efficiency.

There are fewer organic acids in vegetable juices, which is why they are more insipid in taste, but richer in minerals (such as: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, etc.). In addition, it is vegetable juices that very effectively restore our body in crisis situations. Fruit, as a rule, have a higher calorie content, since they have more sugar, but they also perfectly cleanse our body. Moreover, during physical exertion, such juices must be combined with vegetable juices: carrots and beets, well known to us in the form of juice, will be the most accessible and quick source of recuperation after tiring work. Both contain a lot of useful substances, provided they are used only in fresh, raw form.

How to take them so that they have not only a refreshing effect on the body, but also a healing one? The rule here is simple: if you have low or normal acidity of gastric juice, then you should drink juices 30-40 minutes before meals. In the event that the acidity of gastric juice is increased, then 1.5 hours before meals, a glass of juice. To achieve the desired effect, juice therapy should be carried out for at least two to three weeks. In the event that the therapeutic effect is not pursued, it is advisable to drink fresh juices daily.

In addition, juices that help to lose weight and promote the removal of toxins from the body are used for fasting days. These days you need to take 1.5 – 2 liters of various juices. If you are preparing juices at home, then you need to remember that even short-term storage of juice in the refrigerator accelerates fermentation and spoilage of the product, although its taste and appearance may not change.

First of all, it should be noted that only freshly prepared natural juices have the whole palette of beneficial effects on the body. Canned juices, whether they are in a cardboard box, an iron can or a glass bottle, are less active than fresh ones. The only thing they are not inferior to fresh juices is the content of minerals. Therefore, when buying canned juice, you should pay attention to the name of the drink. If the word “drink” is written on it, then the content of the juice itself does not exceed 10-15 percent, the rest is water, citric ascorbic acid, as well as various dyes and preservatives.

The “nectar” contains 50 percent of the juice, and the rest – the above ingredients. There are also inscriptions on the packaging that say “100 percent juice.” However, one should not deceive oneself here either, because such juice is also made from a concentrated product with the addition of water and sugar, which does not mean that it is one hundred percent.

Particular attention should be paid to the expiration date. Often there are corresponding numbers on juice packages and bottles, but you need to know that if only one number is indicated, then it only indicates the expiration date. As a rule, it is preceded by the words best before, which means “better to use” before the specified time. If there are two dates on the package, then these numbers really indicate the release date and the expiration date.

In the event that you decide to stock up on juices for future use and store them at home, then it is advisable to maintain the temperature regime: no more than 20 degrees and air humidity within 65 percent. And the last recommendation: be sure to pay attention to the packaging: if it is wrinkled and swollen, if the cap is not tightly put on the bottle and there are other flaws in the packaging, never buy such a product.


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