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For some reason, some believe that if a person weighs a little more than his norm, then this is certainly a sign of flourishing health, good appetite and cheerful mood. Perhaps this is how it really is, but still, not every woman is indescribably delighted if she finds, standing on the scales, at least an extra pound.

If you constantly monitor your figure and weight, then you absolutely do not need to go on all sorts of newfangled diets at the first sign of weight gain. Instead, it is better to use the traditional and well-established fasting days,the diet of which can be the most diverse: protein, vegetable, fruit, dairy and many others. The main thing is to choose from this variety the day that you like best or is available at any time of the year. To do this, you can try all these options and decide which one you feel the greatest effect.

If you have never done this before, you should start with more satisfying diets – with meat or cottage cheese, and then move on to vegetables, fruits and dairy. You can even try to double fasting days, for example: the first day is meat, the second is apple.

And now let’s try to dwell in more detail on individual unloading days.

His diet consists of 350 g of lean boiled meat without salt (it retains fluid in the tissues). In addition to meat, it is allowed to drink 2 cups of coffee or tea with milk (but without sugar) and 1-2 cups of rosehip broth during the day. As a side dish for meat, you can enjoy one cucumber or a small portion of salad (for example, from fresh shredded cabbage). On average, with such a diet, weight is reduced by 650 g per day.

During the day, you need to persuade yourself to drink 6 times a glass of milk, yogurt or kefir. Dairy fasting days not only help to easily lose weight (losses are 500-600 g per day), but are also very useful for edema.

The cottage cheese diet, which is very effective (weight is reduced by almost 700 g on average), includes 600 g of fat-free cottage cheese, 60 g of sour cream, 2 cups of coffee with milk (but without sugar) and 2 cups of rose hips. You can’t eat cottage cheese just like that – make cheesecakes or pudding out of it (only without sugar).

One and a half kilograms of apples are divided into 5 servings. This is a daily portion that helps to get rid of 500 extra grams.

You can use separately one and a half kilograms of vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, or you can cook salads and vinaigrettes from their mixture (since raw vegetables are preferable to stewed or boiled). As a dressing, a tablespoon of vegetable oil or 2 tablespoons of kefir is allowed. If you like a green salad, you can safely supplement it with vegetables, which are divided into five even portions and eaten throughout the day.

You may be surprised, but a fasting day of sour cream allows you to reduce weight by about 500 g. It is recommended to distribute 300 g of sour cream for 4 doses, and you can also add 2 cups of coffee or tea with milk (but again without sugar) and a glass of rosehip broth .

There is even one; After all, fresh cucumbers are practically calorie-free. During the day, one and a half kilograms of cucumbers should be consumed in five doses. Only and everything.

Usually fasting day is carried out once or twice a week (this is quite enough), it is best on a day off, when there are no “working” temptations nearby and you don’t have to explain to your colleagues your unexpected genuine passion, for example, for fresh cabbage or apples. And you don’t have to worry about the fact that the next day you may have a headache from malnutrition, a bad mood or fatigue will appear – nothing like this will simply happen!

But if we assume that, having arranged fasting days for yourself, you will not be fully satisfied with their results? Then along with half-fast days, you should try to limit the calorie content of food on the rest of the week. Minimize intake of easily digestible carbohydrates: sugar, honey, jam, sweets. Significantly reduce your needs for bread, flour products and potatoes (there are no more than 200 g of them per day in total).

Limiting yourself in carbohydrates and animal fats, at the same time, you need to take care of a sufficient amount of foods rich in pure protein.. The complete exclusion of protein foods (fish, meat, cottage cheese) from food causes fatigue, dizziness and weakness.

Eat more vegetables – about half a kilogram a day, primarily cabbage, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and not very sweet fruits and berries. Given that it’s summer, this is not so difficult to do. In addition, all these products create a feeling of filling the stomach and provide the body with vitamins and minerals. If you are a lover of grapes, raisins and bananas, then due to the fact that they contain a large amount of carbohydrates, you should eat them in somewhat more moderate amounts, but still do not deny yourself the pleasure.

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is recommended to eat an apple, fresh cucumber or beets. And after eating, immediately go for a walk, but in no case on the sofa. And then your being will be filled with lightness.


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