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The liver is one of the most important glands in your body, it performs not only the function of digestion, secreting bile into the intestines and helping to break down fats. The liver performs the function of suppressing all harmful substances produced inside the body and entering it from the outside.

It is involved in the process of blood formation and the production of clotting factors, it regulates metabolism by storing glycogen in its composition – a warehouse of light carbohydrates for the brain in conditions of hard work. But the liver can perform all these functions in conditions of its full health.

How do we harm the liver?

The liver is exposed around the clock to the negative effects of harmful and toxic substances from ammonia and acetone (they are formed in the body) to drugs and food “chemistry” that we receive. In addition, viruses, parasites and heavy metals can damage the liver. The liver has a huge regenerative capacity – when 90% of the liver is removed, its almost complete restoration is possible.

But even such a powerful and strong organ as the liver sometimes needs rest and unloading. Therefore, it is necessary at least once every six months or a year to carry out procedures for cleaning and unloading the liver, restoring its properties after the influence of unfavorable factors on it.

The liver works continuously, but with its slagging, we can feel some unpleasant symptoms from the outside or from the inside of the body. These include problems with weight and fullness, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, a feeling of perpetual fatigue, depression, headache, bloating and a yellow tongue, frequent illnesses, allergies, and fever for no reason.

In addition, signs of liver fatigue can be brittle nails and hair, acne and skin manifestations of allergies, excessive sweating and redness of the skin, vasodilation on the face. If at least some of these signs are found, it’s time to “send the liver on vacation.”

Help the liver

It is not so difficult to give the liver a rest and an opportunity for cleaning – this can be done a couple of times a year, a special kind of unloading diet and the use of hepatoprotectors (means that protect the liver and restore its performance) are required.

It is better to cleanse the liver on vacation – this will give your body the opportunity to rest completely. On average, you need to follow a special diet for a week, but sometimes it takes 2-4 weeks if you feel unwell, and the liver makes itself felt with periods of bitterness in the mouth and dull pains in the right hypochondrium.

Principles of nutrition during unloading

For a while, while the liver will be cleansed, it is necessary to create a minimum load for it. First of all, so that the liver does not break down and store glycogen in an emergency mode, it is necessary to reduce strong physical activity and the consumption of light carbohydrates (sweets, sugar, sweet dishes), carbohydrates from cereals, vegetables and fruits will be enough for the body’s needs.

In addition, it is necessary to abandon processed and stuffed with various synthetic substances products – sausages, canned food, margarine, spreads, as well as fast food, flavor enhancers, dyes and sweeteners.

It is useful to eat fresh fish and meat, but only those whose quality is known – many types of fish are so saturated with lead or other harmful metals that it is difficult to call them useful. Reduce your intake of salt and spices, they put a lot of stress on the liver.

Liver Cleansing Products

During the week, you need to switch to light natural meals with a predominance of vegetables and fruits, whole grains. In each of the meals you need to eat fresh vegetables, fruits or a handful of berries.

However, from the whole variety of useful products, leaders in liver cleansing can be distinguished. Adding them to your diet for a week will help your liver cleanse and become healthier.

healthy vegetables

First of all, garlic helps the liver perfectly, it activates liver enzymes, removes toxins, contains selenium, which helps liver regeneration. Vegetables are useful – carrots and beets rich in fat-soluble vitamins, pure unrefined and non-deodorized vegetable oil is useful for cleansing the liver.

Greens and leafy green vegetables are next on the list of liver cleansers. Through chlorophyll, they help the liver remove toxins, neutralize heavy metals, pesticides, and supply vitamin E and folate. The most useful are lettuce, spinach, celery, basil, dill and parsley.

White cabbage and its relatives, broccoli and kohlrabi, act similarly to leafy vegetables. Whole grains of cereals and nuts provide protein and enough fiber, complex carbohydrates for satiety. In addition, artichoke and asparagus in their natural form and in dishes are useful for the liver.

healthy fruits

Peeled apples, as well as grapefruits, perfectly unload and clean the liver. They contain a lot of vitamin C and fiber, they stimulate the outflow of bile and the work of the liver to remove toxins. You can replace fruits with freshly squeezed juices, but no more than half a glass a day.

Lime and lemon perfectly clean the liver, you can eat citrus slices or add to tea. Good for the liver, avocados are high in glutathione, which helps the liver bind toxins.

Other useful products

The liver is very fond of oriental seasoning – turmeric, if it is added to dishes or meat, it actively heals the liver and stimulates the production and outflow of bile.

The liver loves green tea very much, during cleaning it is necessary to replace all drinks with it, except for water, there are a lot of antioxidants in tea that protect liver cells from toxins and free radicals. Drink about 4-5 cups of green tea with lemon or herbs per day.

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