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Vera Vasilyeva

The Soviet actress is 95 years old. And she’s still on stage! And remains a model of devotion to the profession for many young actresses, who consider it a great success to get her location. For example, Elena Podkaminskaya spoke more than once about how they met her at the Theater of Satire quite unkindly. And only Vera Vasilyeva surrounded her young colleague with attention and care, which greatly supported her at first. By the way, the People’s Artist of the RSFSR has been serving in the Theater of Satire since 1948. She has appeared in over 40 films and TV series. Among them are “Big Concert” (1951), “Chuk and Gek” (1953), “Wedding with a dowry” (1953), “People of my valley” (1960), “On tomorrow’s street” (1965), “The investigation is conducted by ZnaToKi . Accident (1972), Maigret and the Man on the Bench (1973), The Lot (1974), Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro (1974) and others.

Of course, the actress was repeatedly tortured with questions about the secret of her longevity. She invariably answers that she never made excessive demands on life, she did not fight with anyone or anything, but, on the contrary, she always tried to give in. As for physical health, Vasilyeva never allowed weight drops, she walks a lot and takes care of her posture. From women’s tricks: the actress, even at the age of 95, does not appear in public without styling, they say, if you do not style your hair, then no makeup and dress will save.

Bedros Kirkorov

Bedros Filippovich is 89 years old. And he, too, despite his venerable age, is in good shape – all the fans of Philip Kirkorov know about this. His father goes on stage, is present at all significant shootings about the life of a famous son, helps in raising his grandchildren. A few years ago, the artist was officially a member of Philip Kirkorov’s team, but then left him – after all, with age, it’s hard to regularly fly on tour. At the same time, Bedros Filippovich does not forget about his health: over the past year he has lost 25 kilograms – he reduced weight under the supervision of doctors. And still every morning starts with gymnastics and walking. The secret of longevity calls a positive attitude and the absence of envy. Kirkorov’s friends confirm: the artist’s father is always sincerely happy not only for the success of his son, but also for people from his entourage. He is always interested in their affairs and will never refuse to start dancing at a party. And as we remember, positive emotions contribute to life expectancy.

Edita Piekha

The famous actress is 83 years old. Edita Stanislavovna has been on stage for more than 60 years: now she performs much less, but nevertheless she does not lose touch with her fans, she appears at anniversary concerts, communicates with colleagues. Actually, she considers the stage a guarantor of longevity – the need to go out to the audience gives strength and motivation. Doctors often talk about this: older people need to specially come up with daily rituals, where to go and what to do – this maintains strength. Of course, Piekha has age-related sores: sometimes his legs do not obey. During concerts, there is always a chair on the stage so that the artist can take a break. Edita Stanislavovna now considers “fixing” her legs a priority task. Fortunately, there is a daughter and a grandson who support their beloved mother and grandmother.

Andrey Konchalovsky

The film director and screenwriter will turn 84 on August 20 and he does not complain about health problems. And it is not associated with them at all. The director regularly makes films, actively participates with them in the festival life, communicates with students. According to the director’s wife, Yulia Vysotskaya, her husband has been an adherent of a healthy lifestyle for many years, and it was he who introduced her to him. The couple regularly practice Nordic walking and cycling, swim a lot and eat a healthy diet. There is always quality food in the house, but both try to eat little, in moderation. The same applies to alcohol.

No one remembers the director as full, but he himself said: in his student years he was not distinguished by harmony. All because the student of the conservatory spent days at the piano and led a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the future director became interested in running, began to limit himself in food. Previously, Konchalovsky even went hungry, he could go without food for ten days. Now such days, at least once a week, are practiced by Yulia Vysotskaya. The director focuses on porridge and boiled fish in nutrition. Speaking about health, he agrees that the Russians, for the most part, do not give a damn about it. And it has a lot to do with wealth. Many simply do not have the habit of undergoing regular medical examinations. Health is often dealt with by people who are financially secure, the rest hope for a chance. Can not argue. By the way, the director’s father Sergei Mikhalkov lived for 96 years.

Nina Grebeshkova

The wife of the legendary Soviet director Leonid Gaidai is 90 years old. Everyone remembers her for her bright, albeit not the main roles in the films “The Diamond Arm” and “It Can’t Be!”. The husband of the actress passed away at the age of seventy. Grebeshkova admits: she did not think that she would live so long. The secret of longevity, again, is the absence of envy and inflated ambitions. Like, if someone is jealous of you and says nasty things behind your back, don’t take it personally.

The daughter and granddaughter help the actress stay afloat: they invite her mother to premieres in the cinema and to the country house, provide medicines, and are always ready to help. And the support of loved ones is very important, since single people are much less likely to become centenarians.

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