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How a voice is born

Any actor will say: the most difficult thing is to play without words. With the help of voice, we can convey a lot of intonations, try to do the same in complete silence. It’s better not to imagine. Do you know how voice is formed? First of all, these are sound vibrations of air that occur in the breathing apparatus. We can make various sounds when air comes out of the lungs through the mouth and nose. What is a voice box? Cartilaginous tube, covered from the inside with a mucous membrane. The folds of the mucous membrane are called vocal cords. Plus a gap in the larynx between the vocal cords – the vibration of the folds when air passes through the glottis creates a sound wave and gives rise to a voice.

The vocal cords are fully mature by the age of thirteen. Phoniatricians recommend giving children to vocals no earlier than nine years old. But many parents try to do it earlier, which is sometimes fraught with problems. Our voice sounds best when we are in high spirits, full and well rested. And it’s even better when you’re in love. Then many of us, involuntarily, begin to talk in a sexier, velvety voice that seems to come from the stomach. If you want to sound more attractive, always breathe out.

Diseases dangerous for the voice

He can sit down, wheeze, or even disappear altogether. Especially if the day before we actively used the voice apparatus. You can remember the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when the next morning after matches, many fans woke up hoarse. Not only an excessive load on the vocal cords, but also viruses can deprive a person of his voice. Often after suffering a cold, SARS voice becomes hoarse, weakens. And as experts note, it is enough for some to lie down for a day, talking as little as possible, while others cannot do without going to the doctor. If voice disorders are ignored for a long time, then later they can lead to pathologies of the larynx.

There are a number of more serious diseases that can significantly affect the voice. These are chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, diabetes mellitus, thyroid pathology. Usually, with such problems, they go to an otolaryngologist-phoniatrist, who specializes in pathologies, diagnosis and treatment of the vocal apparatus.

What is good for the vocal cords

The best remedy for a hoarse or even worse lost voice is the rest of the vocal cords. That is, at such moments it is desirable not to use the voice. And phoniatrists agree that the best thing we can do for our own voice is to eat right, get enough sleep, and avoid hungry sodas. As for the menu: proteins must be present in it, since the work of the vocal apparatus implies precisely muscular work. Overeating is harmful, including because a full stomach will put pressure on the diaphragm. Without sleep, you will not sound – any vocalist and speaker will confirm. Good sleep is a must: go to bed before midnight if possible. Do an experiment: try going to bed at 10:00 pm. Even if you wake up at three in the morning, you will feel quite cheerful. Going to bed after midnight, it is very difficult to get up in the morning rested and full of energy.

Myths about the benefits of cognac and raw eggs

Artists who are professionally engaged in vocals have a lot of life hacks in their arsenal on how to restore vocal cords. However, not all of these tips are approved by doctors. So, cognac, raw eggs are harmful for the voice – the ligaments will not warm up, but, on the contrary, will not close. There is nothing to say about cold drinks: ice-cold soda or ice cream on a hot day can do a disservice. Smoking is even worse: cigarette smoke literally burns the vocal cords.

If you have a hoarse voice, postpone hot baths – it can turn into a swelling of the larynx. Under the ban and everything spicy, fried, salty, so as not to burn the mucous membrane. But what has a positive effect on our voice is a humidifier in the house, vocal lessons (teaches you to control breathing, gives positive emotions and physical activity) and the absence of stressful situations.

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