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Lumbago – a sharp shooting pain in the lumbar spine. It often occurs when lifting weights, awkward movement, a quick change in body position.

Sometimes lumbago can be provoked by being in an uncomfortable position for a long time, for example, if you work, sitting in an uncomfortable chair or spend a lot of time driving. A predisposing factor for the development of lumbago is overweight and a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, poor posture, the manner of sitting in a cross-legged position, etc.

According to international studies, this disease is very widespread. Almost every third person at least once in his life felt the symptoms of lumbago.

Symptoms and course:

  1. Sudden onset of acute burning pain in the lumbar region. The pain is felt deep in the spine and back muscles. Pain makes you take a forced position, in which you feel weaker, hinders movement. The duration of the attack is from several hours to several days. It may pass as suddenly as it appeared.
  2. Sometimes back pain radiates (spreads) to the lower extremities on one or both sides, taking on a pulling character. In this case, they talk about the attachment of ischalgia.
  3. Sometimes lumbago takes on a chronic character with periods of improvement, when lower back pain practically does not bother, and periods of exacerbation occur that occur after physical exertion, hypothermia, etc.

Causes of lumbago:

  • Pathology of the spine (hernia of the spine and disc protrusion, osteochondrosis, congenital anomalies of the vertebrae).
  • Excessive load on the spine, resulting in overstrain, inflammatory changes in the muscles and ligaments of the back.
  • Arthritis, spinal injuries, infections, tumors, severe systemic diseases.


To prevent back pain, we recommend:

  • Lead an active lifestyle with regular, everyday moderate physical activity: morning exercises, swimming, hiking. “Explosive”, excessive loads on the spine should be excluded.
  • It is not recommended to wear high heels, this leads to an uneven load on the spine.
  • Hypothermia must be avoided.
  • To unload the spine – the fight against excess weight.
  • Avoid prolonged monotonous work in one position, do gymnastics during breaks, stretch. Try to maintain correct posture.
  • It is necessary to sleep on a hard flat surface, on a low pillow.
  • Wellness massage courses and hardening have a good preventive effect.


With the development of an acute attack of lumbago, strict bed rest is recommended. To ensure rest, the muscles of the spine need to lie on a hard, flat surface.

To reduce pain, you can slightly bend your knees and put a cushion under them from a blanket or pillow.

On the skin of the lower back, you can stick a pepper plaster or mustard plaster, grind with warming ointments (“Finalgon”, “Kapsin”). You can use other anti-inflammatory ointments (indomethacin, orthophenic, etc.).

Inside, as well as in injections for the treatment of lumbago, various medications are used: analgesics, antispasmodics, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins (especially B12). Their appointment should be agreed with the doctor.

According to the indications, it is recommended to wear special fixatives – corsets, manual therapy, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy exercises in the recovery stage.

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