Lung cancer: exactly how much you need to smoke to “earn” the diagnosis – says the expert

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In addition to the absence of symptoms, people rarely do computed tomography (CT) and just don’t donate blood for lung cancer tumor markers, and fluorography, which is included in preventive examinations in Russia, does not show the presence of tumors in the lungs.

Ironically, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped to diagnose asymptomatic tumors at an early stage. This was due to an increase in the number of CT scans performed on people with suspected covid.

What symptoms should alert

There are a number of warning signs:

– Persistent cough and chest pain that gets worse with deep breathing and laughing (more than 3-4 weeks)

– erratic breathing;

– pneumonia and bronchitis that cannot be cured or can be cured, but after a short period of time they return again;

– shortness of breath at rest;

– the appearance of a cough with blood or rust-colored sputum;

– unexplained loss of weight and appetite;

– fatigue, weakness.

Important: These symptoms do not necessarily indicate lung cancer and may indicate other diseases. Remember that only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis based on a series of examinations.

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