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Whoever dreams of eternal youth takes care of his health. It is clear that over time our body ages, loses its original qualities. Is there any way to prevent this process? There are different opinions on this matter. If no one has yet managed to avoid aging and death, then many can make the body stronger, more viable. Various kinds of cleansing have a rejuvenating effect. Therefore, presenting some of them to your attention, we advise you to experience their effectiveness for yourself.

Have you ever had the desire (especially when an integral part of you is sick) to look inside yourself to find out what is going on there? Frankly, I had such thoughts hovering. Before crime (that is, hara-kiri), it did not come. But, they say, having tried the method of cleansing the body, a person opens this secret veil, at least he can clearly see how much “dirt” accumulates in the body.

It is advisable to choose the date of the planned procedure based on the state of health. It is important to choose the right sequence for cleaning various organs. The main thing is the cleansing of the intestines, liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. Only after that you can proceed to the secondary ones, since failure to follow this sequence can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, cleansing the blood and lymph with citrus juices before cleansing the liver can cause intoxication, manifested by yellowing of the skin.

The sequence of cleaning procedures and their purpose.

  1. Softening of the body, stagnant zones and toxins. It is necessary to increase the efficiency of cleaning procedures and facilitate the removal of salts, slags and other formations. To do this, use hot baths, visits to the steam room, heating pads, rubbing, diuretic products (diaphoretic tea), as well as substances that have an astringent taste and enveloping property (a decoction of needles, oats), and also limit or exclude meat, fish, dairy products from the diet. , bread, muffins, cookies, increase the intake of raw plant foods and reduce the intake of boiled.

  2. Purgation. As a result, pathogenic microflora is washed away and healthy microflora is normalized, and nutrients from food without toxic inclusions enter the bloodstream. From such nutrition, the organs begin to self-repair, which leads to a general recovery, the source of the formation of cancer cells disappears, since the putrefactive environment saturated with carcinogens is washed out of the intestinal cavity.

  3. Liver cleansing. As a result, portal circulation is normalized, which contributes to the activation of the abdominal organs, the work of the heart is facilitated, all types of metabolism in the body are restored (protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin, etc.).

  4. Purification of blood and lymph. As a result, the organs receive more pure nutrients, which contributes to their faster and more efficient recovery.

  5. Kidney cleansing. As a result, their ability to maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body (the volume of extracellular fluid, acid-base balance, etc.) is restored.

  6. Other cleansing procedures (minor).


Option 1.

The easiest, most affordable and effective way to cleanse the intestines is enemas, which can be performed at home using Esmarch’s mug. Based on many years of practice, a composition of herbs has been tested that has a mild and pleasant effect on the intestines: chamomile, yarrow, tansy (1:1:1). You can also use the choleretic collection of herbs sold in pharmacies. Herbal collection in the amount of 2-3 tbsp. spoons are recommended to be diluted in 3-4 liters of boiling water. After cooling to body temperature and filtering, the aqueous composition is ready for use in cleansing enemas. The amount of water for one enema is 1.5-2 liters.

Enemas are recommended to be done 2-4 times a day:

  • after breakfast, after 1 hour – the first, 10-15 minutes after emptying the intestines – the second (this washing can be done earlier, but it is advisable to do the first enema of the cleansing cycle after natural emptying);

  • after dinner, after 1-2 hours – the first, 10-15 minutes after emptying the intestines – the second (this washing can also be done in the evening 2-3 hours before bedtime).

The number of washes per day is determined individually, depending on the indications and time possibilities of each.

The position of the body during the enema is on the right side, a pillow under the head, the legs are slightly bent at the knees. You can also take a knee-elbow pose (on all fours). It is recommended to lubricate the tip of the hose tube with boric ointment or (if it is not available) with vegetable oil. Before starting the procedure, the tip should be lowered below the container with water until air is squeezed out of the tube and gently inserted into the anus shallowly, by 5-6 cm. .

Option 2. Using the juice of common gout.. Choose fresh shoots of gout. If you can’t find it, take any herb. Send it to a juicer or meat grinder, and after receiving the juice, take it according to the following scheme: 1st day, 1 tablespoon 3 times a day 15-30 minutes before meals, 2nd day – 2 tablespoons.

Listen to the behavior of your body: if there are no side effects, then from the third day you can take half a glass of juice. So drink the juice for 10 days, then take a break for 5 days and drink again for 10 days. Patients with ulcerative processes may experience pain, heartburn. Then drink some soda with water.

Option 3.

In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of solution (a tablespoon per glass of water) of Glauber’s salt (sodium sulfate) in warm or cold form. In this case, the goal is not to cleanse the intestines, but to remove all the toxins and waste products from the body. The solution acts on toxic lymph and waste in the same way as a magnet on nails and metal filings. The amount of excreted sewage can reach 3-4 or more liters, which can lead to dehydration. To prevent this, you need to replenish the liquid. We prepare a mixture of 2 liters of fresh citrus juice, 2 liters of water. To the juice of 4 large or 6 medium grapefruits, 2 large or 3 medium lemons, add orange juice in such an amount that the total volume is 2 liters. Then add 2 liters of water. This mixture begins to be consumed 30 minutes after taking a solution of Glauber’s salt and continues to drink at intervals of 20-30 minutes.

You should not eat anything during the whole day, however, if in the evening the hunger becomes especially unbearable, you can allow yourself some oranges or grapefruit or celery juice. Before going to bed, it is necessary to make an enema of 2 liters of lukewarm water with the addition of juice of 1-2 lemons. Such cleansing should be carried out 3 days in a row. As a result, approximately 12 liters of toxic lymph will leave the body, and the same amount of alkalizing fluid will take its place.

On the fourth and subsequent days, vegetable juices should be started and raw vegetables and fruits should be eaten.

If weakness appears during or after the cleansing, do not worry, as you will definitely find vigor and health in the long run.

Particular attention should be paid to nutrition during the bowel cleansing and after its completion. The fact is that after the removal of perennial fecal deposits, the large intestine will not be able to immediately return to its previous dimensions in cross section and return to the location programmed by nature. He needs to be helped to take on a natural form, taught to work and move food masses. For this, it is useful to eat a lot of cereals, naturally not crushed and not polished, but from whole grains (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, brown rice). Of course, cereals should be boiled only in water and try not to digest them in order to avoid the formation of mucus in them. In no case should you cook cereals in milk, and it is also not recommended to eat finely crushed cereals (semolina, wheat and the like), so that your cleaning efforts are not in vain.

Eating mainly cereals, without mixing them with other dishes in one meal, will allow the entire mass in the stomach to be digested at the same time, which will ensure the healthy purity of such a food mass, without the development of fermentation processes in it. In addition, a homogeneous mass of porridge will evenly occupy the volume of the large intestine, give it the desired shape and make it work. It should also be noted that cereals, like vegetables with fruits, contribute to good intestinal motility, create voluminous fecal masses and are rich in moisture. All this will contribute to the rapid restoration of natural bowel movements on the 2-3rd day after the completion of the bowel cleansing cycle.

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