Makeover Plan: Get Ready for Spring and Summer!

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We associate spring and summer with romance and love, warmth and sun, bright colors, grace, lightness, freshness – and invariably cause a desire to transform. Stretch, change your image, sign up for long-delayed driving, makeup or Spanish courses, update your wardrobe and try cosmetic procedures that your friends vying to praise …

But what to hide, our maximum program is sometimes embodied only in dreams, but in reality, attempts to start life from scratch often turn out to be unsuccessful. Firstly, elementary laziness and disorganization interfere, and secondly, the global nature of the dreams themselves in the sense that it is impossible to live as you used to for a certain number of years, but on one fine Monday morning, radically change and improve everything.

We offer you a set of healthy habits that will help you take a step towards your beautiful, flawless, ideal self this spring. Gradually introduce these habits into your lifestyle, and they will change both your appearance and your inner state for the better. So, the current and fashionable habits for transformation are on Goodshapetips!

Habits for beauty and health: a little classic

Habit #1: Drink more water

This recommendation is a common truth, and yet nutritionists, cosmetologists, and therapists do not get tired of repeating it. The classic 2-2.5 liters of water (8 glasses a day) is an acceptable norm for those whose average weight is 60 kg. For every 20 kg in excess of this, you need to add 1 glass.

Here are some tips to help you get used to drinking more water. A bottle of clean drinking water should be at hand at home, at work, and in the car. At work, instead of a smoke break, take breaks to “drink some water.” In cafes and restaurants, order water more often than tea or coffee. Fill the glass with water as soon as it is empty. And if the water seems tasteless, slightly acidify it with lemon or lime juice.

Habit #2: Get outdoors more

Statistics show that a resident of a modern metropolis spends only 12 minutes a day on the street, and even these few minutes, as a rule, do not add health due to the unfavorable urban ecology. Meanwhile, daily walks in the fresh air lasting from 30–40 minutes to 2 hours will significantly improve your well-being and physical fitness. The nearest square or park, chosen by mothers with strollers, or quiet, calm streets, remote from major roads, are ideal routes for your “journeys” on weekdays, and on weekends there are even more opportunities to get out into nature. By the way, the need for walks is one of the reasons why many get a dog: the pet disciplines and will not let you spend the whole evening watching TV.

Habit Three: Master Lazy Fitness

Half an hour a day is the kind of moderate exercise recommended by doctors and fitness trainers to stay in good shape. However, most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, and these daily 30 minutes or 2-3 hour workouts per week “lose” the time we spent in the car, at the computer, on public transport, etc.

Lazy fitness is a fashion trend that calls for using almost any situation to train a particular muscle group. Coming from work? Get off a couple of stops early and walk. Are you in a vehicle? Do some exercises for the press and buttocks, tensing and relaxing the muscles. Are you in the office? Get up more often to walk to a colleague and resolve the issue in person, and not by phone or in mail.

Habits for beauty and health: a step to the new

Every year 17 to 30% of smokers try to quit smoking. This is really a step towards a new life, a more conscious attitude towards your health. In addition, tobacco smoke is too bad for beauty, romance, freshness. How to make your attempt to get rid of nicotine addiction successful and easy enough this spring and summer?

Habit four: buy a band-aid Niquitin® for 10 weeks

70 days – and you can say goodbye to cigarettes. The Niquitin® patch is used to relieve the symptoms of nicotine addiction and is one of the most comfortable means of getting rid of a bad habit.

Contained in a patch Niquitin® therapeutic nicotine reduces the desire to smoke, reduces physical dependence on nicotine, reducing withdrawal symptoms in quitters. The key to success in overcoming addiction is stepwise therapy with a gradual decrease in the intake of nicotine in the body. The application (sticking) of the patch leads to the maintenance of a stable concentration of therapeutic nicotine in the blood: the dose of nicotine is lower than when smoking, while it does not give a feeling of pleasure from a cigarette, but prevents the appearance of nicotine hunger. This allows you to eliminate the withdrawal syndrome, including such severe symptoms as stress and discomfort, and most importantly, to break the psychological connection between the cigarette and the physical sensations of smoking. The scheme and duration of treatment is selected based on the number of cigarettes smoked.

There are contraindications. Before use, you must read the instructions.

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