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Oncological diseases In our time have become a serious problem, oncology covers more and more young women. One of the serious modern problems is breast cancer, and although today much has been done in its treatment and prevention, not all women pay due attention to this problem. Goodshapetips tells how mammography helps in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

What is mammography?

Today, there is an effective diagnosis of breast cancer at an early stage using a special research method – mammography. This is a special way to examine the condition of the breast, based on x-rays without the use of contrast.

It is carried out on X-ray units (mammographs) specially designed for this purpose, as prescribed by a doctor – usually surgeons, oncologists or mammologists, although mammography is now available to all women who wish without a referral as part of national health days or charitable programs. On such installations, the smallest tumors are detected, which sometimes are not even palpable and are not amenable to other diagnostic methods.

But is it really justified to conduct this research on a massive scale? This need began to be discussed at the end of the last century, when the incidence of breast cancer increased sharply.

However, today, breast cancers in the early stages of development are perfectly treated, prolonging life and maintaining the health of still quite young women, because the average age of cancer is 40-45 years. Therefore, mass and annual examinations and mammography help to maintain the health of a huge number of women, facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation of women with oncology.

Is it always cancer?

If a lump or an unusual formation is found in the chest, women go into shock if discharge appears or the shape and size of the breast changes, the first thing that almost any woman will think is that she has developed cancer. This causes fear and panic, apathy and depression.

But you should not be scared ahead of time – such manifestations can give a lot of other diseases that must also be identified and treated.

In addition, the detection of cancer is not a sentence in a woman’s life, timely treatment can completely prevent the disease and allow her to maintain her health. Mammography helps in detecting the problem, recognizing it and clarifying the scope of treatment, control over its effectiveness and duration.

Types of mammography

The following types of mammography are distinguished:

  • for the purpose of preventive examinations, when all women in a row are exposed to it, and conditions of pre-tumor and tumor conditions in the breast are revealed, which are not even felt. Therefore, it is good to have breast images starting at about forty years old, and to assess the state of the gland in dynamics, take a picture every couple of years to check whether the state of the breast has changed.
  • to diagnose breast problems X-rays are taken at any age in the direction of a doctor. The doctor indicates additional projections for a targeted study of the tissues of the gland. Typically, a woman is referred for an x-ray with pain in the chest, discharge from the nipple not associated with lactation, with a change in the nipple or areola, or any other breast-related complaints. Mammography is usually performed from the fifth to about the twelfth day of the menstrual cycle. X-ray radiation in such a study is small and not hazardous to health.

Modern digital devices allow you to get accurate high-definition images immediately on your computer and save it in its memory. On such a study, small details are better visible, and processing can be carried out in special programs, and this increases the accuracy of the method, the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment by the dynamics of images.

Modern mammographs have equipment for targeted sampling of material – puncture glands under the control of the apparatus. It is unacceptable to conduct screening (prophylactic examination) only during pregnancy and breastfeedingand in the case of diagnosis in case of suspicion of oncology, the question for this group of women is posed individually.

How the study is done

The method is quick and painless, a woman needs to undress to the waist, removing all jewelry and metal products from her neck. When taking pictures, you can sit or stand – it depends on the device, the chest is usually placed on a special flat surface, under which an x-ray device is placed. It is necessary to press a special device to the chest – a compressor, it will allow you to get clearer pictures. If necessary, pictures are taken from different angles in order to study all areas in detail.

Sometimes doctors may recommend taking pictures after a certain time, but this does not mean that cancer or some dangerous changes have been detected. Most likely, it is necessary to check certain areas of the chest that did not turn out well the first time.

Preparing for a mammogram

No special preparation is required for the study – on the day of the picture, doctors ask you to stop using deodorant, antiperspirant and creams on the chest and armpits, so as not to distort the pictures and not create interference, especially because of the talc used in them. Do not wear chains or necklaces when going to the procedure.

How are the results interpreted?

Under normal conditions, the image should not have neoplasms and blackouts. Although most of the detected formations turn out to be benign and do not require therapy, the doctor’s fear can be caused by clearly defined spots, which in fact often turn out to be cysts, as well as regular-shaped nodules – they can be both benign and malignant formations.

It will require a closer study of education with uneven contours, calcifications and various blackouts without clear boundaries. If such changes are detected on a whole series of images, additional research methods will most likely be required, such as ultrasound and MRI of the breast, puncture and targeted biopsy.

These research methods in modern conditions give very small radiation loads, so they are safe to carry out at any age of a woman. If this is necessary during pregnancy, the woman’s stomach is protected by a special apron made of metal plates.

Examine the mammary gland. After all, your health is necessary not only for you, but also for your family, children and spouse, they need a healthy wife and mother. Remember, early diagnosis is the key to effective and prompt treatment.

When was the last time you visited a mammologist?

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