Massage chair – good or bad?

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The healing effect of a properly performed massage is undeniable, but it’s not always possible to visit a massage parlor. Can a massage chair replace a massage therapist? Goodshapetips tells about it.

It is worth pronouncing the magic word “massage”, and pleasant pictures immediately appear before your eyes: a cozy room, light aromas of massage oils hover in the air, soothing music sounds, you lie down on a comfortable couch, and the hands of an experienced masseur begin to conjure over your tired muscles.

Wonderful, isn’t it? But how often do you have to take massage sessions? The usual lack of time, a lot of chores and worries, including at home, deprive us of a regular opportunity to relax and restore muscle tone.

The principle of the massage chair

The Japanese, innovators in the field of high technology, created the first massage chair back in the 60s of the last century. Of course, it was bulky, poorly functional and uncomfortable, but even then, when developing it, Japanese engineers were based on the unique manual technique of shiatsu – the impact on specific biologically active points of the body.

Modern massagers are able not only to replace, but also to surpass a qualified massage therapist. An experienced specialist will always start by clarifying the characteristics of our body, assessing muscle tone, searching for problem areas, and only after that will begin a massage session.

Surprisingly, a modern massage chair works on the same principle. The procedure begins with a full body scan, a specially designed program will not only determine the patient’s complexion, but also identify problem areas, determine the optimal massage regimen, whether it be roller, air compression, or another.

In modern massage chairs, the following types of massage are used:

  • Shiatsu
  • vibratory
  • stretching
  • Patting and tapping
  • kneading

You can independently choose the volume of the procedure and massage any parts of the body, starting from the fingertips, hands to the shoulder joints, and continuing further – the shoulder girdle, back, buttocks, thighs, lower legs and feet. In addition, in modern massage chairs there is a function of heating the waist and feet.

The benefits of a massage chair

Let’s try to deal in detail with all the pros and cons of possible hardware massage, otherwise called massage on a special chair. Among the positive aspects:

  • Possibility of several types of massage at once;
  • Muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues;
  • Activation of vital processes in the muscles;
  • Restoration of physical, psychological and emotional comfort;
  • regulation of the activity of endocrine glands,
  • Decrease in muscle and nervous tension, development of endurance;
  • When using vibration massage, not only the muscles, but also the pelvic organs are activated;
  • An increase in the outflow of venous blood, the removal of toxins, the elimination of edema, the reduction of cellulite due to the activation of lymphatic circulation.

The negative impact of hardware massage

Of course, the massage chair, like any physical therapy tool, has its limitations for use. Harm can only be caused by non-compliance with the rules of operation. First of all, the following rules should be observed:

  • Do not install the massage chair in a room with high humidity, near heating appliances and on an uneven surface;
  • The procedure should not last more than 30 minutes;
  • After the massage, you need to relax for a few minutes before getting up from the chair.

Contraindications to hardware massage

Hardware massage is contraindicated in cases where regular massage is also contraindicated. These are situations when there is a history of acute varicose veins, thrombosis, severe aneurysm and dermatitis of various origins.

In addition, massage chairs can harm patients who have the following problems:

Considering all these features and consulting with an experienced specialist doctor, you can get undoubted benefits from hardware massage, thereby improving the condition of your own body, significantly saving your time, disposing of it at your own discretion.

And, undoubtedly, a pleasant addition to all of the above will be the presence of an MP3 player in the massage chair set, and some models even suggest the presence of a DVD.

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