Mastopathy: how to protect your health?

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Mastopathy is a benign change in breast tissue. The first signs of mastopathy are tension and pain in the mammary glands a few days before menstruation. Later, engorgement, seals appear, the pain becomes constant and intense. Until recently, mastopathy was considered a disease of women of mature age, but today it has become “younger” and is diagnosed in every fourth woman under 30 years old.

Why does mastopathy occur?

Mastopathy occurs against the background of hormonal imbalance, as a result of which cell growth is stimulated and their natural death slows down.

The reasons for this are varied: adverse external influences – polluted air, malnutrition, stress, smoking, chronic infections, abortions, gynecological diseases.

All these factors contribute to the fact that the process of pathological cell division in the mammary glands is activated in the body.

Why is mastopathy dangerous?

Unfortunately, mastopathy does not cause serious concern for women, and sometimes even for doctors. Meanwhile, there are reasons for concern. Patients diagnosed with mastopathy are at risk for developing breast cancer.

Nothing is as scary as a neglected disease. Mastopathy must be treated. This disease is progressive and never goes away on its own.

How to protect your health?

Scientists of the Research Institute of Molecular Medicine of the Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov have developed an innovative tool to combat mastopathy – Indinol.

This is a non-hormonal remedy of natural origin with proven effectiveness and persistent long-term effect in the complex treatment of mastopathy.

The main difference and advantage of Indinol is that it not only eliminates the symptoms, but also affects the cause of the disease.

Indinol selectively recognizes diseased cells with a high potential for pathological division and stimulates the processes of their natural death.
To achieve the result, it is important to observe the dosage and not interrupt the course of taking the drug. Indinol should be taken 2 capsules 2 times a day for 6 months.

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