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Meditation is a wonderful tool for relaxing the mind and body. Twenty minutes of immersion in it replaces 9 hours of sleep. The recommendation to meditate during downturns in activity or, for example, when problems arise (conflicts, stressful situations) seems banal and difficult to implement, but it is a universal remedy that combines a healthy lifestyle, a long-term effect, a burst of energy without stimulants and self-development.

British scientists investigated the influence of meditation on the work of the human brain.It turned out that people who meditated regularly showed much higher scores on all tests. They completed tasks faster, made fewer mistakes, and experienced less embarrassment and confusion.Meditation also has a beneficial effect on the areas of the brain responsible for decision making and emotions.

Meditation can significantly strengthen the human immune system. Scientists advise to meditate for 20 minutes a day 4-5 times a week. This time is enough for the body to relax and cope with daily stress. As a result of regular meditation in the human body, the number of CD-4 T lymphocytes increases – cells responsible for immunity.

Just 10 minutes of meditation with proper breathing helps lower high blood pressure.

Learning to Meditate Correctly

It is better to start with relaxation – relaxation of the body. You will need a comfortable chair.

Sit down and do some breathing exercises. Focus on your breath take a few full breaths with your belly, not your chesthow women usually breathe. Exhale, imagining that you are exhaling tension. Then, ideally, getting up from a chair, depict a steam locomotive: breathe vigorously, exhaling through your nose. Now – the body: alternately tighten, then relax all the muscle groups of your body from the forehead to the feet, as if a wave of tension-relaxation is rolling through the entire body. You are doing everything right if you feel that warmth is spreading throughout your body.

Now let’s move on to meditation itself: contemplation, stopping the continuous flow of thoughts and disidentifying yourself and your feelings.

Close your eyes, silently repeat a word (mantra, word from a prayer). Your task is to achieve a state of pure brain, when you do not think about anything and just repeat the word, at first for 5 minutes a day and gradually increase the time of meditation.

Another technique suggests directing your gaze to the first object that comes across and trying to see it as sharp and clear as possible, focus on it, feel the color, shape, structure. If you find yourself getting tired, move on to the next subject.

Ideally, one should meditate twice a day for 10-20 minutes, in a calm environment. But in reality even a 5-minute regular practice gives amazing results.

If regular meditation is not your style, then take at least a fifteen-minute break twice a day right at your desk. During such a break, clear your mind of any thoughts, relax your muscles and breathe deeply and evenly. A short rest will give you a powerful charge of life.


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