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Doing the same work day after day, it becomes more difficult for us to focus on something new: memory weakens, concentration of attention falls, and some things remain completely incomprehensible … To prevent this from happening, memory needs to be trained.

Memory exercises

1. Tell yourself: remember this!

For example, if a stranger is introduced to you, say their name to yourself and tell yourself to remember it. So you unconsciously transfer this information to the status of more important.

2. Find motivation

Try to imagine how the person whose name you need to remember can be useful to you in the future? The search for motivation will stimulate the brain, and it will be easier to remember the name.

3. Associate

Pick 10 things that won’t move in your home or office. Remember them in a certain sequence (for this you need to identify a pattern). In the future, when you need to memorize a list, associate each item on the list with those items. When you need to remember the list, just go over the 10 selected items with your eyes.

4. Learn foreign languages

This most directly activates memory and develops associative thinking. It will become easier to memorize not only foreign words, but also facts from everyday life that previously required constant reminders.

5. Remember phone numbers

To get started, learn the phone numbers, including cell phones, of those with whom you communicate most often. Then start memorizing the numbers of less important people. Look at the number, look away, repeat the numbers to yourself – and so on until the number is completely remembered. In the future, unnecessary phones will be forgotten due to uselessness, and this is normal. The main thing is to keep the information in memory for at least a few days.

Eat ginkgo. It has been proven that this plant increases blood circulation in the brain, improves memory and concentration even after a single dose.

Eliminate sugar. This product, on the contrary, complicates the thought process due to the large amount of carbohydrates. If you need to maintain clarity of mind, for example, before an important business meeting, it is also not recommended to eat potatoes and flour products made from white flour.

Try to add more variety to your life! An active life, full of new sensations and emotions, will not let you get bored and keep your mind clear for many years.

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