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Male menopause is a physiological syndrome that is characterized by age-related changes in the body, primarily associated with the extinction of the function of the male gonads.

Moreover, if in the female body the onset of menopause is always associated with the cessation of ovulation, then in men fertility has been proven to be preserved until old age, despite the fact that serious hormonal changes occur in the body.

Normally menopause in men develops at 46-60 years. If menopause occurs earlier, they talk about early menopause, if later than 60 – about late. Male menopause lasts about 2-5 years, after which all dishormonal changes in health gradually disappear.

The onset of menopause in men depends on many factors:

  • heredity
  • Lifestyle
  • chronic diseases (including hypertension and atherosclerosis)
  • genital trauma, castration
  • underdevelopment of the genital organs, cryptorchidism

Manifestations of male menopause

  • increased fatigue, irascibility, irritability, incontinence, conflict
  • poor memory, inability to concentrate on work performed, inattention
  • various manifestations of depression

  • changes in blood pressure, drowsiness, weakness, flabbiness of the skin

  • possible gynecomastia (breast enlargement)
  • female fat deposition

  • sweating

  • disorders of the digestive system

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menopause in men

Climax: treatment

In the treatment of menopause, drug therapy and psychotherapy are used.

One of the main areas of treatment is the normalization of work and rest, a healthy lifestyle. Regular sex life is of great importance.

In the treatment of menopause in men, group and individual psychotherapy, hypnotherapy has good success.

Simultaneously with psychotherapy, sedatives are prescribed to normalize the emotional sphere, sleep.

With vegetative disorders, drugs that improve cerebral circulation, drugs that normalize blood pressure are recommended.

To restore mental and sexual activity, strengthen the general condition, multivitamin complexes, mineral supplements and adaptogens are prescribed.

Hormone therapy is recommended for low androgen levels.


To prevent the manifestations of menopause, you should lead a healthy lifestyle. Preservation of harmony in the family, regular sex life significantly alleviate the symptoms of menopause, allow you to quickly overcome its manifestations. Useful dosed physical activity, good nutrition with a decrease in the proportion of animal fats.

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