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Benefits of bowls

Caps are increasingly competing with pads and tampons. True, it is still very conditional, because you will not find them in a pharmacy or supermarket. Fans order bowls online: prices range from 400 to 2000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. It is curious that menstrual cups appeared on the market as early as 1937, a little later than tampons. But many have heard about them only recently – in our country they are definitely not the most popular personal hygiene product. The less fans are becoming more. What are their benefits?

  • hypoallergenic: bowls are made of safe medical silicone;

  • profitability: they are reusable and can serve you for more than one year;

  • the absence of an unpleasant odor, which is difficult to avoid when using pads;

  • there is no feeling of dryness, as happens with tampons;

  • to play sports and swim safely;

  • the material of the bowls did not show mutagenic or toxic effects when tested;

  • bowls do not affect the epithelium of the vagina and cervix, do not cause endometriosis,

  • mouthguards practically do not leak – unlike other personal care products. Except if the “cap” is installed incorrectly;

  • eco-activists can be happy: pads and tampons decompose for years, and the bowl continues to be used all this time.

Cons: takes some getting used to

Of course, the “device” also has its downsides. Women refer to them as the need to adapt to the bowls: from the first time, not everyone succeeds in correctly installing the cap (it needs to be properly twisted) and choosing the size. There are two of them: S (36 mm in diameter) and L (41 mm in diameter). For nulliparous women, the minimum size is recommended, for those who have given birth – the one that is larger. When removing the bowl, it must be drained and washed with soap. This requires certain conditions: in particular, that the toilet has a sink. Not every office has this option. Even more so in nature. At home, it is easier to do this in the bathroom or with a hygienic shower.

Before the first use, experienced users are advised to pour boiling water over the bowl. Before you put it in the attached bag after menstruation, you also need to disinfect.

In principle, some are afraid to carry a foreign body in themselves, although the same tampons also apply to them. There are no known cases of toxic shock caused by cups. Others believe that the mouthguards are “big anyway” and that you can supposedly stretch the vagina. For others, it seems terribly unhygienic to carry a container of “gurgling” blood in oneself for hours … It’s still impossible to say that the cups never leak: if the cap is full, you will understand this by the marks on the linen – you need to change it on time. In general, real battles are unfolding on thematic forums between fans and opponents of cap. And what do gynecologists think about this “gadget”?

“Perfect hygiene products do not exist, but nevertheless, menstrual cups have their advantages over tampons and pads. All secretions accumulate in the cap, which means that there is no infection with bacteria living in the vagina. Being able to reuse mouthguards is economical. Plus there is a size range. In the medical literature, cases of toxic shock syndrome have not been described in connection with the use of cups – they are known with regard to tampons. Can the bowls be used at night? The duration of their “work” is 5-12 hours. If you put it on at night, then in the morning you need to remove it. I advise you to consult a gynecologist when choosing a bowl. You can do it yourself, but not the fact that it will work the first time. It is best to contact your doctor, who will determine the size of your vagina and so you will understand which cup from the line you should take. And let me remind you of contraindications, which include:

  • acute gynecological diseases, inflammatory processes. All infections must be treated first;

  • caps are not used as a contraceptive, no matter what anyone thinks;

  • not recommended for virgins;

  • it is difficult to use caps for prolapses – prolapse, prolapse of the walls of the vagina and pelvic organs (it happens after childbirth or with age). First you need to solve this problem, there are different ways now, and then think about using bowls.”


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