Minimum program to combat autumn troubles

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Strange, but true: every year with the onset of cold weather, we face the same problems. But we are surprised by them as if we are experiencing the first autumn in our lives.

_In fact, you can feel good and look great in any weather._The main thing is to meet her fully armed. And since more often the autumn season is overshadowed by problems with health, appearance and mood, we will focus on them.

For good health

At the heart of almost all autumn health troubles is hypothermia, it is the cause of cough, runny nose, sore throat, cystitis and other problems.

The trouble is that we simply do not have enough time to adjust to the cold and dress for the weather. So isn’t it time to go shopping and sweep the remnants of autumn and the cream of winter collections off the shelves?

There are not many warm things in the wardrobe. And if they are brand new and trendy, then you will never forget to check the outside thermometer to make sure it’s time to show the new thing to others!

If you still have not calculated with your clothes and are cold, then do not neglect such proven means as a hot bath, a cup of scalding tea with honey and lemon. Woolen socks, in which you can spend the whole night, will not interfere either.

But if it was not possible to protect yourself from the disease, do not show unnecessary heroism, stay at home and give the body the opportunity to cope with the disease.

If the doctor has prescribed antibiotics, do not forget about drugs that, such as Linex, restore the microflora in all parts of the intestine.

The fact is that against the background of taking antibiotics, intestinal dysbacteriosis can develop, from which not only digestion is disturbed, but also the condition of hair, skin and nails deteriorates.

And that doesn’t really matter to us, does it? Moreover, in autumn there are already enough problems with appearance.

For beauty

In autumn, it is important to switch not only to warmer clothes in a timely manner, but also to change the assortment of cosmetics, putting aside light summer moisturizing gels – skin in cold weather needs more intensive care.

Day cream should protect against the effects of adverse factors and temperature changes, under the influence of which it will be all day. The colder it is outside, the more oily the day cream should be.

And since the air is always too dry in rooms with central heating, it is worth putting a moisturizing spray in the drawer of the desktop, with which you can refresh the skin several times during the day (but not before going outside).

Night cream should now also be more nourishing than in summer. And do not forget that autumn generously offers a lot of natural self-care products: fruit and vegetable masks perfectly tone and rejuvenate the skin.

If it is oily, add egg white to the mask, and if it is dry, add a few drops of olive oil, a little sour cream or cream. If you make such masks twice a week, then the skin will be stocked with vitamins and will perfectly withstand the autumn weather.

By the way, autumn is a great time for many salon procedures that are not recommended for other times of the year, so if you are going to get rid of some kind of neoplasm or peel, you can do this.

For the mood

Autumn melancholy captured you? Do not give her a chance, lead as active a lifestyle as possible, exercise is a great way not only to correct the figure, but also to stimulate the production of endorphins in the body, which are responsible for a good mood.

If you feel that you can not cope with stress, have become quick-tempered and irritable, then you can use natural sedatives. For example, valerian, mint and lemon balm, which are part of the natural sedative drug Persen, help well.

In this gloomy time, it is desirable to saturate the interior with bright elements, for example, orange curtains will create the illusion of sunlight, which we miss so much in autumn and winter.

Light a bright lamp more often, even artificial lighting can support the body and improve mood. Get an aroma lamp and saturate your home with the invigorating scent of rose, jasmine and citrus.

Nutritionists also recommend including more brightly colored vegetables and fruits in your diet – they not only delight the eye with their color, but also supply the body with the vitamins it needs to keep your health, mood and appearance in order.

Based on this minimum program, you can make a list of your own ways to deal with autumn troubles. And then one day you will be surprised to discover that you sincerely rejoice at this amazing time, which the poet called “the charm of the eyes.”

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