Mono-diets: pros and cons

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What is a mono diet

The essence of all mono-diets is the same: the body receives only one low-calorie product for some time (from two days to two weeks). Usually these are fruits (apple and watermelon diets are especially popular), vegetables (they lose weight on cucumbers in just 2-3 days), boiled or soaked cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal or rice – they will bring their own “convincing” ideology to each), as well as kefir, yogurt, boiled chicken breast, lean meat, etc.

It is quite obvious that in this way not only the number of calories is sharply limited (which, perhaps, is not bad), but also the volume and variety of nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Such sharp biases towards one product cannot provide a full-fledged metabolism, which leads to metabolic (metabolic) stress, especially if these products are exotic, such as dates, chocolate or baby food from jars.

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